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Penne alla vodka (Penna with Vodka Sauce)

In Lazio, pasta, primi piatti by Frank4 Comments

A quick post on this well-known but relatively new variant on penne …

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Penne all’arrabbiata (“Angry” Penne)

In Lazio, pasta, primi piatti by Frank13 Comments

Here’s another signature dish of Roman cooking, penne all’arrabbiata or ‘angry’ penne, …

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Seppie coi piselli alla romana (Roman-Style Braised Squid and Peas)

In secondi piatti by Frank7 Comments

Strange as it may seem, squid and peas were made for each …

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Peperoni ripieni di tonno (Tuna Stuffed Peppers)

In antipasti, Lazio by Frank3 Comments

There are so many different ways to stuff a pepper. Here’s one, …

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Italian Food Culture: A primer

In reference by Frank23 Comments

There is much more to Italian food culture than many people outside …

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Costolette d’agnello «a scottadito» (Roman-Style Lamb Chops)

In Lazio, secondi piatti by Frank12 Comments

There is surely no meat more typical of the Mediterranean basin than …

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Patate in padella (Sautéed Potatoes)

In contorno by Frank2 Comments

These pan-fried potatoes make for a wonderful accompaniment to lamb and other …

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Angelina’s Pizza Casareccia (Homestyle Pizza)

In antipasti, Campania, primi piatti, snack by Frank9 Comments

  A perfectly round, thin-crusted pizza of the kind you can eat …

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Ada Boni: Il Talismano della Felicità

In reference by Frank19 Comments

Writing only about two decades after Artusi, another giant of Italian gastronomy, …

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Coda alla vaccinara (Roman-Style Braised Oxtails)

In Lazio, secondi piatti by Frank17 Comments

This is comfort food at its most comforting, one of the many …

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Spaghetti fatti in casa con pomodori al forno (Homemade Spaghetti with Oven-Roasted Tomatoes)

In Campania, pasta, primi piatti by Frank9 Comments

This dish of homemade egg pasta spaghetti with roasted tomato sauce is …

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Pellegrino Artusi, La scienza in cucina e l’arte di mangiar bene

In reference by Frank6 Comments

his is an Italian cookbook like no other. Artusi–it is quite common …

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Chiocciole con salsiccia, piselli e ricotta (Pasta Shells with Sausage, Peas and Ricotta)

In pasta, primi piatti by Frank4 Comments

This was a dish I made up on the spot today, finding …

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Pappa al pomodoro (Tuscan Tomato and Bread “Soup”)

In primi piatti, Toscana by Frank4 Comments

In the days when freshly baked bread was a staple of everyday …

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Arista alla fiorentina (Florentine Spit-Roasted Pork Loin)

In secondi piatti, Toscana by Frank2 Comments

Arista alla fiorentina, or Florentine Spit-Roasted Pork Loin, is one of the …

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Insalata di arance rosse (Blood Orange Salad)

In contorno, Sicilia by Frank2 Comments

I recently found some blood oranges from California at the market–and I …

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Scallopine di pollo (Chicken Scaloppini)

In secondi piatti, summer by Frank1 Comment

A friend was asking the other day about the tenderest chicken breast …

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Tagliatelle alle zucchini (Tagliatelle with Zucchini)

In pasta, primi piatti by Frank0 Comments

Vegetables and pasta were meant for each other. And no vegetable says …

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Frittata di patate e cipolle (Flat Omelette with Potatoes and Onions)

In reference by Frank4 Comments

Besides her fabulous pastas, Angelina would make wonderful Italian flat omelettes or …

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Risotto: The Basic Recipe

In Lombardia, primi piatti, reference, Risotto and Other Rice Dishes, Veneto by Frank17 Comments

Risotto is Italy’s unique contribution to rice cookery. At its most basic, …

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Aglio, olio e peperoncino (Pasta with Garlic, Oil and Hot Pepper)

In Campania, Lazio, pasta, primi piatti by Frank18 Comments

Here’s another super simple pasta that I call the “mother of all …

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Fettuccine alla papalina (Fettuccine for the Pope)

In Lazio, pasta, primi piatti by Frank23 Comments

Fettuccine alla papalina, or “Fettuccine for the Pope”, is an upscale reinterpretation …

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Pollo coi peperoni (Chicken and Peppers)

In Lazio, secondi piatti by Frank6 Comments

This savory Roman chicken dish, also known as pollo alla romana, is …

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Angelina’s pasta e lenticchie (Pasta and Lentils)

In pasta, primi piatti by Frank4 Comments

Of all the wonderful dishes my grandmother Angelina would make when I …

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Insalata Caprese

In antipasti, Campania by Frank5 Comments

It’s a warm, wonderful Summer-like day, and I didn’t feel like doing …