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Le virtù (Abruzzese “Seven Virtues” Minestrone)

Le virtù, literally meaning “the virtues”, is the signature Spring dish from the town of Teramo in the Abruzzo region of Italy. This thick soup takes it name from the  Seven Virtues of Catholic catechism. Custom has it that you need 7 different legumes and 7 different vegetables to make it, plus, for the really […]

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Bucatini all’amatriciana

It could be said that bucatini all’amatricana and spaghetti alla carbonara are the ‘Romulus and Remus‘ of Roman cooking. No two dishes typify the local cuisine better than these two yet, like the two founding brothers of the Eternal City, neither actually comes from the city of Rome itself. L’amatriciana, as the name suggests, comes […]

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Pallotte cacio e uova (Cheese and Egg Balls)

An iconic dish from the Abruzzo region in the cucina povera tradition, pallotte cacio e uova probably got its start as a way to use up leftover bits of cheese and stale bread. The mixture is then bound together with egg and formed into balls and, just like meatballs, fried and simmered in tomato sauce. […]

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Spiedini e arrosticini (Italian Kabobs)

Summer may be drawing to a close here in the Northern Hemisphere, but there’s still time to get in some more grilling. In fact, grilling is a lot more pleasant in the cooler temperatures of the late summer and early fall than at the height of the summer—standing over a hot grill during those ‘dog […]

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Tonnarelli cacio e pepe (Square Spaghetti with Pecorino Cheese and Black Pepper)

   Cacio e pepe, literally ‘cheese and pepper’, is a very typical Roman dish, usually made with spaghetti, bucatini or—for the ne plus ultra version of this dish—tonnarelli, a kind of square spaghetti made with egg pasta popular in Lazio and Abruzzo, as well parts of  Molise, Puglia and Le Marche. At its simplest, literally […]

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