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Crema di ricotta (Ricotta Mousse)

In dessert by Frank Fariello19 Comments

Ricotta has got to be the most versatile of Italian cheeses: it makes its way into a variety of savory pasta dishes, from the popular pasta con la ricotta to …

Frank FarielloCrema di ricotta (Ricotta Mousse)
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Sformato di tonno (Baked Tuna Mold)

In antipasti by Frank Fariello10 Comments

A sformato, which literally means ‘unmolded’ is something like a soufflé without the puff: the main ingredient is mixed with a very stiff béchamel sauce and eggs, then baked in …

Frank FarielloSformato di tonno (Baked Tuna Mold)
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How to Make Mayonnaise the Italian Way

In reference, sauces by Frank Fariello7 Comments

Mayonnaise may have been invented by the Spanish and popularized by the French, but Italians make maionese, too. The Italian method is not very different from elsewhere, but, not surprisingly, it …

Frank FarielloHow to Make Mayonnaise the Italian Way