Tubetti cacio e uova (Tubetti with Egg and Cheese)

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Tubetti cacio e uova

…or lasagna di carnevale, and it is used as a kind of condiment or vegetables like zucchini, chicory or peas. It is also added, as a final florish, to lamb…

Tiella pugliese (Puglia Potato and Mussel Casserole)

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Tiella pugliese

zucchini interspersed with the potato. Some recipes call for breadcrumbs on top and/or interspersed with the other ingredients. And some recipes call for a mixture of grated parmesan and pecorino…

Italian Food Culture: A primer

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Italian Food Culture

…only in the breach. Italians still do follow it by and large. Asparagus is for the spring, tomatoes, zucchini, peppers for the summer, mushrooms for the fall, cabbage and hearty…

Minestrone: A Primer

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…with the oil and absorb the flavor of all the vegetables that have preceded it.This time around, I used butternut squash, zucchini, potatoes and green beans: Step 3: Now add…