Salmone in crosta (Salmon en croûte)

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Salmone in crosta (Salmon en croute)

…as suits your mood and the season: shredded zucchini in the summer, thinly sliced asparagus in the spring, a duxelles of mushrooms in the fall, chopped spinach more or less…

Bollito di verdure (Italian Mixed Boiled Vegetables)

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Mixed Boiled Vegetables

…and texture, so harder veggies are best: carrots, potatoes, green beans, fresh onion are all superb choices. Zucchini are also nice, but keep them whole and unpeeled (otherwise they will…

Risotto primavera (Spring Risotto)

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Spring Risotto

…will do fine). baby carrots, spring onions, Boston lettuce or another green, tender lettuce, baby spinach, baby zucchini, baby potatoes and small French green beans. Many recipes also call for…

Sformatini di fagiolini (Green Bean Timbales)

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Sformatini di fagiolini (Green Bean Timbales)

…replace the green beans with another vegetable or mix of vegetables of your choice, such as mushrooms, carrots, spinach, zucchini, peas… Whatever strikes your fancy. (Some vegetables like mushrooms don’t…

Sformato di finocchi (Fennel Mold)

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Fennel Sformato

…which can vary according to the season, so you can serve it all year round: peas or asparagus in the spring, zucchini or green beans in the summer, and so…

Lasagne agli spinaci (Spinach Lasagna)

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Spinach Lasagna

…mentioned, the same technique shown above for spinach lasagna can be used with just about any filling that strikes your fancy. In the late summer, I particularly like zucchini, for…

Pomodori ripieni di riso (Baked Tomatoes with Rice)

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Baked Tomatoes with Rice

…coming… Post Scriptum A few Greek followers tweeted me recently to say that they have the same dish, called Gemista, often made from other veggies, too, like zucchini, eggplant, peppers…

Fritto misto di mare

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Fritto misto di mare

…does, occasionally you will find a recipe that calls for some slices of zucchini or other summer vegetables; these are always fried covered in batter, even if your seafood isn’t….