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Insalata di arance e finocchi (Orange and Fennel Salad)

In antipasti, contorno, Fall, Sicilia, Winter by Frank43 Comments

It might be the season, but coming right on the heels of …

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Italian Tomato Salad: The Essential Guide

In contorno by Frank42 Comments

Nothing says summer like and insalata di pomodori, or Italian Tomato Salad. It’s …

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Spaghetti alle cipolle rosse e alici (Spaghetti with Red Onions and Anchovies)

In pasta, primi piatti by Frank38 Comments

What would the world be without onions? Along with their close cousins …

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Tagliatelle carciofi e funghi (Tagliatelle with Artichoke Hearts and Mushrooms)

In pasta, primi piatti by Frank29 Comments

In many ways, we lovers of Italian food here in the US …

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Barchette di sedano con gorgonzola e noci (Celery Boats with Gorgonzola and Walnuts)

In antipasti by Frank42 Comments

I don’t know about you, but when I’m making a “major” meal …

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Salsicce e fagioli (Sausage and Beans)

In Fall, secondi piatti, Winter by Frank28 Comments

Pork and beans were meant for each other—think franks and beans from …

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Tale of Two Spritzes: Aperol Spritz and Campari Spritz

In beverage, Veneto by Frank49 Comments

Summer is coming to a close and the temperatures around here are …

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Zucchine cacio e uova (Zucchini with Egg and Cheese)

In Campania, contorno, secondi piatti by Frank32 Comments

Zucchini and eggs were meant for each other. They are found together …

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Riso in cagnone (Rice with Butter and Cheese)

In Lombardia, Piemonte, primi piatti, Risotto and Other Rice Dishes by Frank38 Comments

I was an atypical child. The other kids would come home from school …

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Minestra di broccoli e arzilla (Skate and Romanesco Broccoli Soup)

In Lazio, primi piatti, Soups by Frank44 Comments

I lived in Rome for over ten years, but in all that …

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Stinco di maiale al forno con patate (Oven-Roasted Pork Hock and Potatoes)

In Alto Adige, Fall, Friuli-Venezia Giulia, secondi piatti, Winter by Frank36 Comments

I am taking some poetic license with today’s recipe. You see, stinco di …

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Farinata di cavolo nero (Tuscan Kale and Polenta Soup)

In polenta, primi piatti, Soups, Toscana by Frank48 Comments

When I think of Tuscan cuisine, first and foremost, even before the …

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Insalata di patate e tonno (Potato Tuna Salad)

In antipasti, contorno, summer by Frank23 Comments

Potato salad is a summer staple on American tables, but if you’re …

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Cialledda (Bread and Tomato Salad)

In antipasti, Puglia by Frank29 Comments

One of things I find fascinating about Italian cookery—cookery in generally, really—is …

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Frittata con asparagi e pancetta (Asparagus and Pancetta Frittata)

In secondi piatti by Frank28 Comments

Eggs complement asparagus so well—think of asparagi alla milanese, topped with a …

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Cipolline novelle con piselli (Spring Onions and Peas)

In contorno by Frank33 Comments

While many recipes for peas call for a bit of onion as a flavor …

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Ragù d’agnello e peperoni (Lamb and Red Pepper Ragù)

In Abruzzo, pasta, primi piatti by Frank39 Comments

One of my regrets from my years in Italy is that I …

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Asparagi all’agro (Asparagus with Lemon and Olive Oil)

In antipasti, contorno by Frank18 Comments

Asparagus with Lemon and Olive oil, or asparagi all’agro, is one of …

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Agnello e piselli (Lamb and Peas)

In Campania, Puglia, secondi piatti by Frank26 Comments

I love second courses that pair meat and vegetable in a single …

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Ravioli nudi (Spinach and Ricotta Dumplings)

In gnocchi, Lombardia, primi piatti, Toscana by Frank32 Comments

Ravioli nudi, or “nude ravioli”, also known as gnudi, malfatti, gnocchi verdi, or …

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Cicoria e fagioli (Chicory and Beans)

In Campania, contorno, piatti unici, primi piatti, Soups by Frank43 Comments

Chicory and Beans is one of those lean dishes that Angelina practically lived …

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Salsicce all’uva (Sausages and Grapes)

In Fall, secondi piatti, Toscana, Umbria by Frank23 Comments

The use of fruits in savory dishes was once common place in …

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Peas and Eggs (Piselli cacio e uova)

In Campania, contorno, Italian-American, piatti unici, primi piatti, secondi piatti, Soups by Frank26 Comments

Columbus Day is right around the corner, and as regular readers know, …

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Cannelloni ricotta e spinaci (Spinach and Ricotta Cannelloni)

In pasta, primi piatti by Frank22 Comments

Incredible as it may seem, after nearly six years of blogging on …

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Carciofi coi piselli (Braised Artichokes and Peas)

In contorno, Lazio, Spring by Frank12 Comments

Two iconic spring vegetables, artichokes and peas, are braised together with an onion …