Insalata di arance e finocchi (Orange and Fennel Salad)

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Orange and Fennel Salad

…slices of orange and fennel arranged on a plate—’composed’ in culinary lingo—and dressed with olive oil and seasoned with salt and pepper, perhaps with few olives and fennel fronds for…

How to Dress a Salad “all’italiana”

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How to Dress a Salad, the Italian way

…‘big salad’, during the summer months. It was a kind of composed salad in the tradition of a salade niçoise that was a meal in and of itself. And there’s…

Italian Tomato Salad: The Essential Guide

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Italian Tomato Salad

…bowl to mix the tomatoes and their dressing. Add one or more of the optional herbs, alliums and other flavoring ingredients, if using, then toss again. Your Italian Tomato Salad

Filetti di pesce al finocchio (Baked Fish with Braised Fennel)

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Baked Fish with Braised Fennel

and pepper and lightly oil them as well. Then lay the fillets in the gratin dish on top of the bed of fennel. Roast the fish and fennel is a…

Finocchi gratinati (Fennel Gratin)

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Fennel gratin

…wedges) until the fennel is very tender and reduced in size, and the liquid has almost evaporated. If the fennel cooks before the liquid has evaporated, uncover and cook off…

Insalata di riso con würstel (Italian Rice Salad)

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Italian Rice Salad

…equivalent that goes by the German name of würstel. And while last year’s rice salad was very grown up and almost elegant, this year’s salad is colorful and ‘fun’, with…

Insalata di arance rosse (Blood Orange Salad)

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I recently found some blood oranges from California at the market–and I love blood oranges–so I made a blood orange salad as ‘dessert’: you just peel and slice the oranges,…

Insalata di patate e tonno (Potato Tuna Salad)

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Potato Tuna Salad

…their skins and, while they’re still warm, dress them with tuna, red onion, parsley and a good pour of olive oil. But Potato Tuna Salad is really versatile. You can…