Memorie di Angelina is a labor of love. I do no monetizing of any kind, so the only real “pay off” I get is the pleasure of knowing that you, ours readers, are enjoying the the posts and, above all, cooking from the recipes. And what a pleasure it is! Here is a selection of some of your recent emails, tweets, posts on our Facebook page and, of course, your comments right here on the blog:

I cannot tell you how much I enjoy Memorie Di Angelina. It keeps my family traditions and recipes alive! … Growing up, we ate so many of these simple “peasant” dishes. It brings back wonderful memories and delicious meals.—Denise Adorante

I love this site more than some of my cookbooks; it’s like a virtual Marcella Hazan. —Paul C.

Frank, you really DO have the greatest English-language blog in the world. (At least to me, and that’s all that matters!) My sincerest compliments.  —Leonardo C. (Pensieri Meridionali)

I’d like to first say “Thank You” for your incredible website and Facebook page, which has provided me with many delicious meals, especially when I get stuck on what to cook. I also wanted to tell you a slightly entertaining story: My husband’s birthday is just a few days after Valentine’s and I was planning a special meal for us at home. I came across your Risotto all’indivia Belga post on Facebook and couldn’t wait to try it. My husband reveled in every bite and I got so many compliments. (He’s usually the chef in the house) Needless to say, it was a great night… Three weeks later we found out we were going to have a baby! And every time I think about that night and the lovely meal we had, I can’t help but smile.  —Jackie M.

I made this [Eggplant Parmesan] today, let it cool down and now I tasted it …. died and gone to heaven! Thank you so much for this and all the other recipes! Your explanations are so helpful and easy to follow.—Iris

I’ve made your gnocchi recipe for dinner Monday night. Truly delicious! I must say your instructions are very clear and easy to follow. I’ve made gnocchi a few times before, but your recipe gives the best ones I’ve ever tasted.—Josée O.

Everyone knows Frank and his wonderful site with beautiful memories of his Italian Grandmother, Angelina. When a recipe has a special story, meaning or memory it draws me in right away, and so you can see that Frank’s site is one that I will visit often. Not just for the stories but also for the  exquisite dishes he shares with use. I love the way all of his recipes feel like warming comforting foods that you sit around a big table with loved ones to share. Frank always gives us easy to follow instructions that make you feel like you can make delicious and healthy Italian dishes with excellent results.  —Nancy (Spicie Foodie)

Bellissimo blog. Non so come sono arrivata, ma eccomi qui! :)” (Translation: What a great blog! I’m not sure how I landed here, but here I am!) — J.

I love Angelina! —Paula (Bell’Alimento)

I made the Calzone di Cipolle alla Pugliese last night and it was phenomenal. What an incredible savoury pie and the perfect recipe for a lenten meatless meal. Thank you so much for sharing your food and stories.  —Jenny A.

I made your [risotto alla milanese] recipe tonight, and it was sublime! I absolutely loved it…… ! Thank you! Grazie 🙂 —Annie O.

Ohhh I have been looking for a blog like this ever since my daughter married an Italian boy ten years ago. I can’t wait to try out making some authentic Italian dinners, courtesy of Frank’s recipes and tips, next time they make the 1,000 trip to visit me. Thank you!  —Marya M.

Thank You So Very Much Frank for inviting me to your table …. It’s an honor and a pleasure.  —Chef Vincenzo P.

I’m so glad I found this site. My great grandmother and grandmother cooked just like this and some of the family recipes were lost. Now I can use these recipes (and with what I remember or peice together). I can now enjoy what I thought was lost forever. Thanks so much!  —Jan P.

I love your blog. I began reading it yesterday and I could not stop. It makes me want to try every single one of the fabulous recepies you are so generously sharing. Congratulations and please keep writing!  —Lucia N.

I am so happy that I found this page! I just spent an hour looking at recipes. I can’t wait to try the pasta with lentils, it looks exactly like the one my Grandmother used to make.   —Grace D.

Thank you so much for your blog! They are truly inspiring and are bringing a little sparkle back into my kitchen.  —Elise M.

“I lived in Saronno (Varese) for 13 years and last night I made tagliatelle alla Bolognese according to your recipe and it was fab! My house smelt like a trattoria! Thanks for what you do! My husband and I are your newest fans. — Lindsey N.

Thank you for sharing this [Fettuccine Alfredo recipe]. Its a big help during class discussions with my students! looking forward to using this recipe in my cooking class!  —Christine F.

I refer to your recipes regularly and your meat loaf is known as Franks loaf in our house where it is very popular. —Diane

Frank, you did it again! This is now the 2nd recipe (with the first being the Peposo) that I made this week of yours and it was OUTSTANDING! The polpette di melanzane recipe is no different than our family’s MEATball recipe that we use except for the roasted eggplant. We LOVED, Loved, loved this recipe and will DEFINITELY make this agin, and again, and again. Following is my Facebook post about this wonderful meal. Mille grazie!!!  —Holli D.

I have just recently discovered your blog and I must compliment you for it, as it is both entertaining and exhaustive. Bravo! —Clara

So glad to have you, Frank, and your blog as ambassadors of Classic, Authentic, Italian cuisine!  —Laura P.

Great post and great blog, I will be back for more! Finally someone who said it loud and clear There is no chicken with pasta!!!! Or with pizza (yuk…even worse)….it’s the nightmare of every Italian living abroad…  —Adriana

Frank, I just discovered your blog, I quickly made my way to this article and I LOVED it – couldn’t agree more, and most definitely couldn’t say it any better! … I’m very grateful for blogs like yours – I think we now have a chance to reverse the drift that has occurred in the past and bring back the essence of the authentic cuisines of the world.    —Paolo (Quattro Formaggio and Other Disgraces on the Menu)

I agree with everything you say. È la verità. I enjoy your instructional series, they help one to think as a cook and not just learn the recipe. It’s like teaching how to fish instead giving one the fish.  —I sicilian

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  1. I have been fortunate to grow up with a grandparents from Bari. I had 5 Aunts and 1 uncle and our gatherings and tables were always joyous and filled the most delicious food I have ever tasted. Time passed and so did my grandparents our
    family traditions went by the wayside and now that I am older, my children are asking for my recipes. Sadly, I have very few. I have one Aunt left from our
    Italian family and all the recipes she has are written for feeding the masses.
    My kids wanted Pizza Douche. My aunts recipe started out with 15 eggs and
    pounds of ricotta cheese, very hard to follow. I went on a mission to find the
    authentic recipe and I found your site. I cried when I found the recipe and
    the name of your site as it was my mothers name. As it turned out, the recipe was perfect. There was only once slight variation. It was delicious! I get on your site for hours and enjoy reading the history of the recipes. I have shared your site with
    many members of my extended family. Thank you for sharing your passion and joy of cooking with all of us. I am so grateful.

    1. And I’m so grateful for your comment, Corinne. So glad you were able to re-discover an old family recipe here. Thanks so much for your readership.

  2. Frank, I just discovered your blog while searching spaghetti al tonno, and you had the exact recipe I remembered 2 Italians(from Rome) made for my friend and I on a camp fire when we were traveling years ago. Thank you for that. I am now obsessed with your blog. Exactly the Italian cooking I like: simple and not heavy (i.e. like hidden in thick tomato sauce!). Being French and going to the South of France regularly I am partial to Italian cooking from the North, although eggplant, capers & olives from Sardigna are always welcome.

  3. Hi Frank,
    I’m an expat living in the US for the past 30 years and been traveling back to my home continent recently.
    Traveled Napoli and Southern Italy. LOVE the people and the food.
    Came across your blog and absolutely LOVE it.
    Prepared the Cicoria e fagioli tonight and what a feast.
    Thank you so much for your generosity.
    This blog is a treasure that I’ll be discovering for, hopefully, a long time to come.
    ps: Going to Tuscani this fall for some Agriturismo discoveries. 🙂

    1. Well, thanks so much, Gil, for the kind words. I’m delighted you’re enjoying the blog. Thanks so much for your readership!

  4. I’m so happy I stumbled onto your site! I’m an Italian American from Brooklyn, NY. This was my first year making Christmas Eve dinner. (Due to Covid we couldn’t travel back to NYC to see family. The first time since I married 29 years ago.) I had never made octopus or stuffed calamari. Your website was perfect. Angelina was my Grandmother’s name, it all fell into place. Christmas Eve dinner was a success with the help of my brother and YOU! Today, I’m making “soup with the meatballs” as my other grandma (Giuseppina) would call it and make it every year on New Year’s Day. Her soup is nothing at all like your recipe. Hers is just a simple soup with small meatballs. She made simple but delicious food. All with love.
    I have read through some of your other recipes. I’m excited to try them with my children, the next generation of Italian Americans (they are a mix of Italian and Irish, but the Italian food is better :).)

    Thank you for this website. I plan to visit it often going forward.

    1. Thanks so much for your kind comment, Stacey! And for sharing your story. Glad to hear we could be of service to you and your family during the holidays. Welcome to the website!

  5. OH YES!! As Paul said – it’s a virual Marcella Hazan! I’m so tired of “authentic” Italian food sites that just aren’t. This is the Real Deal! Thanks so much!

  6. thank you so much this is the best site i haver see for good old food the way my Mother yusto make . this recipes take me back wen i was a tineger ,my mother food was just like this testy and good. thank you thank you Rita

  7. Dear Frank,

    I just want to write a couple of lines and minimise my praise as much as I can.

    I love this incredible source of knowledge you have built. It is simply fantastic. Actually, no, it is not fantastic. It is simply a priceless piece of work!

    la cultura se transmite a traves de la cocina

    and you have made your contribution to passing your culture to many generations.

    well done. I truly admire you

  8. Just wanted to say I recently took charge of the kitchen in a small Italian restaurant, and as a young chef still finding my way, I have frequented this blog several times as a reference tool for different recipes and menu ideas the owner has an interest in serving. You have with out a doubt helped guide my hand in producing delicious restaurant quality meals that stay true to the authentic Italian style we strive to provide to our customers. So I say thanks and keep up the great work!

    Most recently looked into making zuppa di pesce, on the menu for Good Friday specials! Wish me luck!

    1. That’s fantastic, Giacomo! You officially made my day. 🙂 Knowing I could help out a young chef, what an awesome thing… And belated good luck on your zuppa di pesce. I’m sure it was fantastic. (Sorry for the late reply, I’ve been traveling!)

  9. Hi Frank! Happy New Year!
    Just wanted to share that I made the pasta with ricotta this past week- and it is superb!
    Love, love, love your blog…your recipes rank right up there with Lidia’s!

  10. Hello Frank,
    I discovered your wonderful blog just this week- and I am hooked. I came across your recipe for stuffed tomatoes, roasted in a pan with potatoes, and that recipe took me back to Rome, where my husband and I enjoyed this dish in a little place not too far from the train station. Now I will try making your version soon.
    I wanted to tell you that I made the green beans in tomato sauce last night- divine!!
    Thank you!

    1. That’s music to my ears, Dolores! I’m delighted when readers are cooking my recipes and enjoying the results. And so glad that I could bring back those fond memories of Rome.

  11. I love your blog and all the recipes, I’ve made several and my family loves each meal I choose from your collection – THANK YOU for sharing your family recipes! I love looking at the pictures of your family too….a loving memory shared with the world. Grazie 🙂

  12. Hi Frank!! Still wondering if there are any plans to make a cookbook? I don’t mind printing from your blog, but would love to have a book handy too!

  13. I’m happy to see that my compliment made the cut, but there should be many more. I’ve made other recipes of yours and our family has loved each and every one of them. Also, because of your blog, I have become an avid reader and researcher of food history. Thank you for your interesting posts and I look forward to seeing many, many more!

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