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As proud as I am of Memorie di Angelina, it’s only one of many, many wonderful blogs out there on Italian food. Here’s a selection of some of my favorite blogs, the ones that I read regularly. Most are in English or bilingual, a few (as marked) are in Italian only.

First off, here’s a very special group of fellow Italian food bloggers who have also been honored with the coveted Cannolo Award for their dedication to spreading the word about authentic Italian food in the English language. I call them the “Cannolo Crew“:

Briciole (bilingual)
Ciao Chow Linda
Domenica Cooks (both Italian and non-Italian food here!)
Due Spaghetti
An Italian Cooking in the Midwest
Food Lover’s Odyssey
Italy on My Mind
Manu’s Menu
Nuts About Food
Passion and Cooking
Quatro Formaggio and Other Disgraces on the Menu
Silvia’s Cucina

You can find some fantastic Italian food blogs at Tuscanycious, the official food and travel website of the Tuscany Region. This select group of bloggers have been honored with inclusion in their Hall of Fame, recognition for featuring authentic Tuscan food and wine:

Tuscanycious Hall of Fame

Some of my other favorite Italian food bloggers can be found here:

Aglio, Olio & Peperoncino
Dinner in Venice
hip pressure cooking
Juls’ Kitchen (bilingual)
La voglia matta (in Italian)
madonna del piatto 
Over a Tuscan Stove
Pensieri meridionali (bilingual)
Proud Italian Cook
Siciliani creativi in cucina (in English)
The Sunny Kitchen 
The Saucy Chef

And as much as we all love Italian food, once in a while we like stray into other cuisines. Here are some of the non-Italian (or partially Italian) food blogs I really enjoy:

The Colors of Indian Cooking 
El invitado de invierno
Jefferson’s Table
Lost Past Remembered
Mexico Sabroso
Rasa Malaysia
Red Cook
Spicie Foodie 
Taste With The Eyes

And here are links to some great online resources about cooking, Italian food and related topics:

Accademia Barilla
Accademia italiana della cucina (in Italian)
Artusi: La scienza in cucina e l’arte di mangiar bene
Ceramica Direct
Dario Cecchini
eGullet: Understanding Stovetop Cookware
La cucina italiana online
Petit Chef
Rouxbe Online Cooking School
Slow Food International
Taccuini storici (in Italian)


6 Comments on “Links”

  1. Hello Frank, I came across your site looking for information on Apice. My paternal grandmother was born there in 1908, and she too immigrated to New York in the 1920s. Sunday dinner was some of my fondest memories of her. She was a marvelous cook. We visited Apice last August as I wanted to walk the streets which I did — four days in a row. Although now a ghost town, It was well worth the visit. I signed up for your newsletter and look forward to it. Ciao.

    1. Sounds like we have a common heritage, Chris. And the trip to Apice sounds like an incredible experience! If you have them, you should post your pics online. I’d love to see them.

  2. Hello, I stumbled across your site while searching for Italian Christmas traditions; and am so completely happy to have found two recipes from my childhood that I have been searching for over the years! The first is your escarole pie, the pie dough appears slightly different then my great aunt used to make, but the filling is the closest I’ve found.

    The second is Ciao Chow Linda’s Italian rum cake recipe – so thank you so much for including her website in your link list! My grandfather used to bring me a small piece of this cake whenever he attended weddings for a family who ran a bakery down the street. As every recipe I’ve ever dug up for Italian rum cake was always very different than this and had bits of candied fruit in it, I had given this recipe up as a variation particular to that family. This cake holds such wonderful memories for me as a special treat, and I cannot wait to make it for the next special occasion in our family!

    1. Laura, So glad I could bring back some memories—and perhaps let you create some new ones as well! Many thanks for your comment and your readership. Cheers, Frank

  3. I think, Frank, it still will take me some time to get used to your new look – I got so comfortly used to the old (No, wrong, original!) look.
    Its funny (spooky, my husband said) that I was in the kitchen making your Semolina Gnocci which I am going to post with your link this coming week, when your latest post arrived. Long time you gave me permission to use the recipe in my book, you kindly agreed, but I withdrew the book from the Indian publishers and now I want to use it in my own blog, if you do not mind. Take care. Ciao, Carina

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