Zucchine a fiammifero (Zucchini Matchsticks)

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As everyone knows, zucchini (aka courgettes) are a staple of modern Italian cookery. Italians have come up with a nearly endless variety of recipes for their beloved cucurbita pepo: They can be sautéed in garlic and olive oil, stewed in tomato sauce, stuffed, fried then marinated in vinegar, napped with … Read More

Piccata di pollo (Chicken Piccata)

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Piccata di pollo

Scaloppine dishes are some of the most quintessential everyday secondi piatti in the Italian repertoire. Thin slices of meat are lightly floured then quickly sautéed in a skillet, which is deglazed with wine to form a quick and tasty sauce. Lightening fast but also super-tasty, with a touch of elegance, … Read More

Stracciatella alla romana

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Stracciatella alla romana

One usually associates Roman cookery with hearty and robustly flavored dishes and, by and large, the image holds true. But there are some exceptions, like today’s offering: stracciatella, a light and delicately flavored ‘egg drop soup’. Stracciatella is utterly simple and—if you have the broth at hand—very quick to make. Beaten … Read More

Piadina romagnola

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Piadina romagnola

When I think of the Italian flatbread called piadina romagnola, or just piadina for short, my mind inevitably brings me back to a trip in the early 90s to the beach at Rimini. I was actually living in Paris at the time, and the sun and surf and gentle breezes … Read More

Pasta con asparagi e gamberi

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Pasta con asparagi e gamberi

If you’re looking for a quick and easy pasta dish, pasta con asparagi e gamberi, or Pasta with Asparagus and Shrimp, will certainly fill the bill. The asparagus and shrimp cook in the time it takes for the water to come to the boil and the pasta to cook. Dinner … Read More

Trippa e patate alla calabrese

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Trippa e patate alla calabrese

As regular readers of this blog will know, I’m a big fan of those under-appreciated variety meats. Trippa, or tripe, is certainly no exception. Here at Memorie di Angelina, we’ve featured tripe recipes from Milan, Rome and Florence. Today’s recipe comes from Calabria. Trippa e patate alla calabrese, or Calabrian … Read More

Petto di vitella alla fornara

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Petto di vitello alla fornara (Baker's Roasted Veal Breast)

In most ways, the culinary culture in this country has vastly improved since I was a kid. I’m old enough to remember the days when if you wanted to cook with Italian parsley rather than the curly kind, you’d have to grow your own. Or if you wanted imported pasta … Read More