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Salmone in crosta (Salmon en croûte)

In secondi piatti by Frank47 Comments

Salmone in crosta, or Salmon en Croûte, is one of those dishes …

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Riso alla pilota (Pilot’s Rice)

In Lombardia, primi piatti, Risotto and Other Rice Dishes by Frank47 Comments

A rustic rice dish from Mantova in the cucina povera tradition, riso …

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Brasato ai funghi (Italian Pot Roast with Mushrooms)

In Fall, Lombardia, Piemonte, secondi piatti, Winter by Frank33 Comments

While I’m not a vegetarian, meat doesn’t play a very central role …

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Zuppa di cicerchie (Grass Pea Soup)

In Lazio, Marche, primi piatti, Puglia, Soups, Toscana, Umbria by Frank37 Comments

Yes, autumn is well and truly here. There’s a definitely chill in …

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Utica Greens

In Italian-American by Frank45 Comments

Long time readers will know that, although Memorie di Angelina is a …

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Involtini di pesce spada (Swordfish Rolls)

In secondi piatti, Sicilia by Frank29 Comments

When you think of Sicily, what do you think of? When it …

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Panelle (Sicilian Chickpea Fritters)

In antipasti, Sicilia, snack by Frank43 Comments

These Sicilian chickpea fritters, known as panelle in Italian, are often associated with …

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Couscous di pesce (Fish Couscous)

In secondi piatti, Sicilia by Frank39 Comments

On my recent trip to western Sicily for a family wedding, I …

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Melanzane a scapece (Marinated Eggplant)

In antipasti, Campania, contorno by Frank58 Comments

In Neapolitan cookery, the term scapece generally refers to an ancient method for …

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Frittelle di pasta cresciuta con zucchine (Zucchini Fritters)

In antipasti, Campania, snack by Frank42 Comments

Who doesn’t like fried dough? Certainly no Neapolitan I know. Neapolitan cookery …

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Pesche grigliate (Grilled Peaches)

In dessert by Frank30 Comments

Regular readers will know that a typical dessert in our house is …

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Italian Tomato Salad: The Essential Guide

In contorno by Frank42 Comments

Nothing says summer like and insalata di pomodori, or Italian Tomato Salad. It’s …

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Frittata al basilico (Fresh Basil Frittata)

In Abruzzo, secondi piatti by Frank33 Comments

Here’s my nomination for the easiest frittata ever: Frittata al basilico, or …

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Bucatini alla Caruso

In Campania, pasta, primi piatti by Frank51 Comments

They say that tenor Enrico Caruso came up with this dish. Caruso, …

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Fragole al vino rosso (Strawberries in Red Wine)

In dessert by Frank37 Comments

We’re in the midst of strawberry season, that blessed time of year …

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Saltimbocca alla sorrentina

In Campania, secondi piatti by Frank22 Comments

Chances are, if you know anything about Italian food, you’ve heard of …

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Fusilli primavera

In Campania, pasta, primi piatti by Frank37 Comments

I had always thought of “Pasta Primavera” as a modern American invention, …

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Coste di bieta gratinate (Gratinéed Swiss Chard Stems)

In antipasti, contorno by Frank34 Comments

There are few things that bother me more than throwing out food, …

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Erbazzone (Savory Greens Pie)

In antipasti, Emilia-Romagna by Frank42 Comments

Erbazzone is a savory vegetable pie from Reggio-Emilia in Emilia-Romagna. Greens are sautéed with …

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Pastiera Napoletana

In Campania, dessert by Frank30 Comments

It wouldn’t be a proper Easter dinner in Naples without a pastiera …

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In antipasti, Friuli-Venezia Giulia by Frank41 Comments

Spring is finally here you say? Well, not around these parts. It’s …

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Sformatini di fagiolini (Green Bean Timbales)

In Basilicata, secondi piatti by Frank30 Comments

A traditional sformato is an old fashioned dish. It’s a dish that takes …

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Spaghetti alle cipolle rosse e alici (Spaghetti with Red Onions and Anchovies)

In pasta, primi piatti by Frank38 Comments

What would the world be without onions? Along with their close cousins …

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Migliaccio di semolino (Semolina Cake)

In Campania, dessert by Frank36 Comments

Migliaccio, a crustless Neapolitan Semolina Cake, is a traditional sweet dish for …

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Zuppa di orzo (Italian Barley Soup)

In Fall, primi piatti, Soups, Winter by Frank44 Comments

Italian cuisine is known for pasta, gnocchi, risotto and polenta. More recently …