Vignarola (Roman Spring Vegetable Medley)

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This iconic Roman dish called la vignarola is a ‘medley’ of spring vegetables made from spring onions, fava beans, artichokes, peas and tender lettuce, flavored in typically Roman style with a bit of guanciale. If there’s one Roman dish that says “spring on a plate”, this is it. Admittedly, prepping the vegetables, … Read More

Brutti ma buoni

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brutti ma buoni

Brutti ma buoni, meaning “ugly but good”, is the jocular name Italians give to these nut and meringue cookies originally from north-central Italy (their precise origin is disputed) but now popular all over the country. The recipe is simple enough, though you need to take some care so they come … Read More

Carciofi alla romana (Roman Style Artichokes)

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Carciofi alla romana (Roman Style Artichokes)

Artichokes are back in season! There is scarcely any vegetable more typical of Roman cooking, perhaps of all Italian cookery, than the artichoke. One of the most iconic Roman artichoke dishes is called, appropriately enough, carciofi alla romana or ‘Roman Style Artichokes. Stuffed, trimmed but whole, with garlic and herbs, … Read More

Bigoli in salsa

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Bigoli in salsa

Venice isn’t really pasta country. As Hedy Giusti-Lanham and Andrea Dodo put it in their lovely 1978 cookbook The Cuisine of Venice and Surrounding Northern Regions, now sadly out of print, “In and round Venice, a series of polenta dishes will be mentioned first, then some rice dishes and at … Read More

Uova sode alla piemontese

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Uova sode alla piemontese

Uova sode alla piemontese (Stuffed Eggs Piemonte Style), also known as uova ripiene al tonno, is an exquisitely simple yet elegant dish. Just hard boiled eggs filled with tuna whipped with the egg yolks, capers and anchovies, and sometimes olives. The recipe is about as effortless as you can imagine, … Read More