How often do you post?

I try to blog once a week. New posts are generally published on Wednesdays or Thursdays, and the corresponding newsletter goes out on the next day so readers can cook the recipes over the weekend if they like. When time allows, I sometimes publish a short post on a quick and simple recipe mid-week as well; I call these posts “Quick Notes”. I also publish “Memorie di Angelina in the News” posts as blog-worthy news comes up.

I also re-post seasonably appropriate recipes from the website on my Facebook Page, or in my weekly newsletter, for which I encourage you to sing up! Since the idea behind Memorie di Angelina is to be something more than a blog, but rather an online cookbook, recipe posts never go out of date.

I’m having trouble finding the recipe I want.

There are many ways to access posts on this website: by season, course, region and more! Check out my page on How to Use this Site for detailed information about navigating the site. If you are still having trouble, feel free to contact me for advice. If I don’t have the recipe you’re looking for, I’ll keep it in mind for a future post.

There something I don’t understand in one of your recipes. 

If it’s an Italian word or a cooking term, check out the Glossary. Otherwise, feel free to contact me and I’ll be happy to answer your questions.

Do you give cooking advice? 

Sure. If you have a question about one of the recipes here on Memorie di Angelina, or just want some general advice on cooking, feel free to write me and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

I’m having trouble leaving a comment on your site. 

Unfortunately, I get this question quite a bit! I’m not sure why, as the comments are as open as I can make them. There’s no verification, you just need to leave your name and email address and you should be good to go. Also check if you have content or pop up blockers set for this website. If you’re still having problems, do let me know. Maybe I can help and, if not, I can provide WordPress with feedback.

Do you accept advertisements or promotions on your site? 

Memorie di Angelina is a labor of love. I don’t monetize the site in any way, whether through ad placement, promotions, sponsored reviews or anything else. But if you’d like to help out with the costs of maintaining the blog, you’re more than welcome to make a contribution! You’ll find a widget entitled “Be our BFF!” on the right hand side of every page on the site where you can do so.

I’d like to do a guest post on your site. 

Memorie di Angelina has a very specific ‘niche’ that is tied to my family history and my own personal culinary experiences, so I don’t generally accept guest posts. That doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate the work of other bloggers and writers. I am a voracious reader of other food blogs and I feature the ones that I like the most on my Links page.

I really like that post you did on X. Can I link to it? 

Of course! I welcome link backs to the site, so long as you provide attribution, mentioning me and the name of the site, Memorie di Angelina.

Can I use that photo you took of X? 

Glad you asked! I’ve seen some of my photos show up on other sites without my permission or attribution to the site! But since I have no ambitions to make money off this effort, I usually have no objection to others using my photos, so long as they ask first and provide attribution, mentioning me and the name of this site, Memorie di Angelina.

Would you do a guest post on my blog? 

I would love to, but having a full-time day job, it’s usually all I can do to keep up with posting on my own blog! Ditto for contests, exchanges and anything -apalooza.

8 Comments on “FAQs”

    1. I’m not sure we have that feature, Carl, unfortunately. I’ll look into it and see if it’s possible… It would be great to let readers share their results when they make of the recipes here on the site.

  1. Do you have a recipe for N’DJUA. I have one from my time in Italy but I am always looking to improve upon my recipe. I just love this stuff and use it in mussel dishes.

    1. You’re ahead of me there, Tom. Back in Italy I always bought n’duja in the store or sampled some of my Calabrian neighbor’s. Never learned to make it myself, I’m afraid! And when I moved back Stateside I basically gave up on eating it ever again, until certain versions started only recently to show up in shops here. But you’ve given me an idea. I think I should give it a go some time and see if I can re-create the flavors I remember. The ones you find in shops here aren’t bad, but not quite what I remember from back in the day.

      1. I will share my recipe with you and you can work with it. You will have to share your results.

  2. Hi Frank,

    I absolutely love your blog. Your blog not just lists the recipes, it is a story, not just about food but about Italy. It has made me want to learn Italian, no I won’t go that far :). Instead, I am trying to learn the Italian names of dishes as mentioned on your blog. It is really appreciable that the culture and heritage of Italy speaks through your blog and each and every post.

    There is only one thing that I am struggling with. I am a vegetarian( no egg, meat, fish etc., ) and due to xyz reason( I can elaborate if you ask ) , I prefer to cook without onion and garlic. And trust me there is a vast majority out there specially in India , where people do not eat Onion and Garlic.

    I understand that Onion and Garlic are like an integral part of the Italian Pantry, but what would be the closest substitute for these ? It would be really great if you could suggest anything at all .

    And this is just a suggestion that wherever you have mentioned dishes which have only few non-veg ,like there is one which was all vegetarian ingredients but then it has anchovies . Now sometimes, we cannot substitute these for other plan based ingredients but at other times we can.

    Just as suggestion, may be you could write in a post like all the substitutes , so whenever a reader is referring to a meat based dish etc., then we can refer to that post and be like, .. ” ohh we can substitute this for so and so plant based ingredient ” or may be completely skip it.

    Thank You so much for writing this blog each and every post is such a great learning.
    I must say it is very genuine, and different from the other blogs , where it is not for publicity or money( as you mentioned above ) and somehow I could feel it.

    Thanks a ton, for sharing your passion with us.


    1. Dear Garem,

      First of all, thanks so much for your comment, and sorry it’s taken this long for me to respond. I usually try to respond to all comments right away, but this one slipped through the proverbial cracks…

      Anyway, if it’s vegetarian recipes you’re interested in, there’s an easy way to access them: Just click on “Vegetarian” in the tag cloud on the right hand side any webpage on the cite. It’ll take to you an archive of all our vegetarian recipes—and there are lots of them!

      And many recipes can be made vegetarian just by omitting the meat or fish. Anchovies are, indeed, a good example. More often than not, they’re added to a dish for an extra layer of umami flavor, so the dish will still work if you simply omit them. In that case, however, I would add more of any other flavorings in the dish to balance things out. More olives or capers, for example, which often appear along with anchovies in many dishes. Or just adding some extra salt works, too.

      Cooking Italian dishes without onions or garlic is another story. I would simply look for dishes where they don’t appear, but I have to admit those may be few and far between! having said that, I did know at least one person in Italy who was allergic to plants in the allium family, and he managed to get along just fine.

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