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Homemade Passata di pomodoro: Step by step

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Passata di pomodoro (or passata for short) is the multi-purpose tomato purée that every aspiring Italian cook should learn how to make. Fortunately, it’s really quick and easy, but you do need …

Frank FarielloHomemade Passata di pomodoro: Step by step
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How to Slice a Bell Pepper

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If you’re like me, you probably slice peppers in half lengthwise through the core, and proceed to trim out the seed core from each half (which inevitably send seeds flying …

Frank FarielloHow to Slice a Bell Pepper
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Our Fifth Blogiversary

In news by Frank Fariello20 Comments

  Folks, Just a quick note. I am writing this back-dated post on July 13, as I just remembered that June 27 was the 5th ‘blogiversary‘ of Memorie di Angelina. I …

Frank FarielloOur Fifth Blogiversary