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Strudel di mele (Apple Strudel)

In Alto Adige, dessert, Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Veneto by Frank24 Comments

I first learned to make Strudel when I was living in Vienna, its birthplace. Strudel is also made in Italy, in particular in the Northeastern regions that were under Austrian rule, and most especially the region known to Italians as …

FrankStrudel di mele (Apple Strudel)
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Insalata di arance e finocchi (Orange and Fennel Salad)

In antipasti, contorno, Fall, Sicilia, Winter by Frank19 Comments

It might be the season, but coming right on the heels of our recent post on Sausages and Grapes, today’s post once again features a mixture of sweet and savory ingredients. Whereas that post combined fruit and meat, today we’ll …

FrankInsalata di arance e finocchi (Orange and Fennel Salad)
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Salsicce all’uva (Sausages and Grapes)

In Fall, secondi piatti, Toscana, Umbria by Frank23 Comments

The use of fruits in savory dishes was once common place in Italian cooking, as it was in European cooking generally.  Giuliano Bugialli, for example, tells us that the original duck à l’orange was a Tuscan dish. But with some notable …

FrankSalsicce all’uva (Sausages and Grapes)
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Peas and Eggs (Piselli cacio e uova)

In Campania, contorno, Italian-American, piatti unici, primi piatti, secondi piatti, Soups by Frank23 Comments

Columbus Day is right around the corner, and as regular readers know, that’s the occasion each year for us to feature a classic Italian-American dish. This year we’re sharing an old family recipe, one that I’m sure will be familiar …

FrankPeas and Eggs (Piselli cacio e uova)
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Fritto misto di mare

In Campania, secondi piatti by Frank15 Comments

There’s a saying in Italian: fritte son bone anche le scarpe, meaning “even a shoe tastes good when it’s fried”. Well, I couldn’t agree more, and seafood tastes especially delicious when it’s fried—good enough to convince even the piscatorially challenged. …

FrankFritto misto di mare
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Spaghetti alla colatura di alici

In Campania, pasta, primi piatti by Frank12 Comments

If you’ve ever had occasion to read the 4th century Roman cookbook De Re Coquinaria, popularly known as Apicius, you will have noticed that an ingredient called garum seems to make it into just about every savory dish, and even some sweet ones. …

FrankSpaghetti alla colatura di alici
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Caponata napoletana

In antipasti, Campania, summer by Frank16 Comments

Italian cookery can be confusing. As we’ve talked about before, it’s highly regional and even local, so much so that some people say that there is no such thing as Italian cuisine. I don’t agree, but it is true that …

FrankCaponata napoletana
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Homemade Limoncello

In beverage, Campania, summer by Frank18 Comments

Everyone likes limoncello. For me, just a sip brings back memories of summer and sand and seafood by the shore. The best limoncello exquisitely balances the pungency of lemon zest and the sweetness of sugar, with just an intriguing hint of bitterness. …

FrankHomemade Limoncello
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Tomato Tonnato

In antipasti, secondi piatti, summer by Frank25 Comments

Vitello tonnato (Tunnied Veal) is one of my favorite summer dishes, but I had never thought about other uses for tonnato sauce until I saw a Facebook post by fellow blogger and Tuscanycious honoree Judy Witts Francini. (You definitely shouldn’t miss …

FrankTomato Tonnato
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Grigliata mista di carne (Mixed Grilled Meats)

In secondi piatti, summer by Frank4 Comments

Italians love to grill just like other folks, but the Italian approach to grilling is a bit different than what you may be used to. Traditional Italian grilling doesn’t go in for strongly flavored rubs or sauces. Marinades, if any, are used to enhance, …

FrankGrigliata mista di carne (Mixed Grilled Meats)
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Cotolette di melanzane (Eggplant Cutlets)

In antipasti, contorno, secondi piatti, summer by Frank12 Comments

We all know that breaded cutlets and chops, whether veal, pork, lamb or—that all American favorite—chicken, make for awesome eating. But did you know that vegetables can prepared as cutlets, too? And if you ask me, eggplants are the perfect …

FrankCotolette di melanzane (Eggplant Cutlets)
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Cannelloni ricotta e spinaci (Spinach and Ricotta Cannelloni)

In pasta, primi piatti by Frank20 Comments

Incredible as it may seem, after nearly six years of blogging on Italian cooking—my blogiversary is coming up later this month—I realize I’ve never written a post about cannelloni. That’s an incredible omission, since cannelloni is probably the easiest stuffed pasta …

FrankCannelloni ricotta e spinaci (Spinach and Ricotta Cannelloni)
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Supplì (Roman Rice Croquettes)

In antipasti, Lazio by Frank22 Comments

Supplì —deep fried rice croquettes—are a classic Roman antipasto. Along with olive ascolane (meat stuffed olives), they are a fixture on pizzeria menus all over town, a little something to nibble on while you wait for your pizza. Supplì are obviously …

FrankSupplì (Roman Rice Croquettes)
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Panna cotta

In dessert, Piemonte by Frank18 Comments

It may come as a surprise that this famous, elegant dessert from the Piemonte region of Italy is so very easy to make. Panna cotta, or “cooked cream”, is nothing but warmed (not actually cooked) cream sweetened with sugar and infused with vanilla, …

FrankPanna cotta
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Carciofi coi piselli (Braised Artichokes and Peas)

In contorno, Lazio, Spring by Frank12 Comments

Two iconic spring vegetables, artichokes and peas, are braised together with an onion flavor base to make this simple but tasty side dish. Often made with a bit of pancetta and broth, you can omit the pancetta and substitute water for …

FrankCarciofi coi piselli (Braised Artichokes and Peas)
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Carbonade valdostana

In Fall, piatti unici, secondi piatti, Val d'Aosta, Winter by Frank8 Comments

Val d’Aosta is a tiny region nestled among the Italian Alps in the northwest corner of Italy, at the intersection of France, Switzerland and Italy. It is the smallest and least populous region of Italy, and French is one of …

FrankCarbonade valdostana
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Pasta e patate (Pasta and Potatoes)

In Campania, pasta, primi piatti by Frank16 Comments

To many people the idea of pairing pasta and potatoes comes as a shock. Carbs with carbs? And in these carb-phobic times, it’s not only unheard of, it sounds down right unhealthy. Well, healthy or not, this iconic Neapolitan dish …

FrankPasta e patate (Pasta and Potatoes)
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Taralli pugliesi

In antipasti, Puglia, snack by Frank26 Comments

It is said that the three pillars of Puglia’s agriculture are wheat, wine and olives, and all three make their way into this simple but tasty Puglian snack. Flour, white wine and olive oil are mixed to make a simple dough, …

FrankTaralli pugliesi