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Carbonade valdostana

In piatti unici, secondi piatti, Val d'Aosta by Frank8 Comments

+-*Val d’Aosta is a tiny region nestled among the Italian Alps in the northwest corner of Italy, at the intersection of France, Switzerland and Italy. It is the smallest and least populous region of Italy, and French is one of …

FrankCarbonade valdostana
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Pasta e patate (Pasta and Potatoes)

In Campania, pasta, primi piatti by Frank15 Comments

+-*To many people the idea of pairing pasta and potatoes comes as a shock. Carbs with carbs? And in these carb-phobic times, it’s not only unheard of, it sounds down right unhealthy. Well, healthy or not, this iconic Neapolitan dish …

FrankPasta e patate (Pasta and Potatoes)
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Taralli pugliesi

In antipasti, Puglia, snack by Frank26 Comments

+-*It is said that the three pillars of Puglia’s agriculture are wheat, wine and olives, and all three make their way into this simple but tasty Puglian snack. Flour, white wine and olive oil are mixed to make a simple dough, …

FrankTaralli pugliesi
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Fichi al cioccolato (Chocolate Covered Figs)

In Calabria, dessert, Sicilia, snack by Frank17 Comments

+-*Here’s a sweet that’s so simple you could almost describe it as a non-recipe: Chocolate Covered Figs—dried figs stuffed with almonds and dipped in dark chocolate. It’s a combination that was truly meant to be, in my opinion far more …

FrankFichi al cioccolato (Chocolate Covered Figs)

Welcome to Yummly!

In news, reference by Frank3 Comments

+-*Dear readers, Just a quick note to let you know that, with the demise of ZipList, I’ve moved over to the Yummly Publisher Network.  Like ZipList, Yummly allows you to create your own personal recipe box where you can store …

FrankWelcome to Yummly!
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Patate al forno (Italian Oven Roasted Potatoes)

In contorno by Frank29 Comments

+-*It’s often the most obvious things that we overlook. And so I just realized that I’ve never blogged about patate al forno, Italian Oven Roasted Potatoes —without a doubt the most classic Italian contorno of them all. There’s no mystery about …

FrankPatate al forno (Italian Oven Roasted Potatoes)
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Garofolato (Roman Pot Roast)

In Lazio, secondi piatti by Frank12 Comments

+-*Northern Italians may have their brasato, and Tuscans their stracotto, but Romans have their own version of pot roast, which they call Garofolato. The name comes from the exuberant use of cloves—garofalo in Roman dialect (vs. chiodo di garofano in standard Italian—to …

FrankGarofolato (Roman Pot Roast)
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Riso e lenticchie (Rice and Lentils)

In primi piatti, Risotto and Other Rice Dishes, Soups by Frank14 Comments

+-*I love lentils. My favorite pasta when I was growing up was the pasta e lenticchie (Pasta and Lentils) Angelina made. Rice goes as well with lentils as pasta does, and it’s even easier to make. A one-pot dish that makes a perfect …

FrankRiso e lenticchie (Rice and Lentils)
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Sciatt (Buckwheat Cheese Fritters)

In antipasti, Lombardia, snack by Frank12 Comments

+-*Sciatt are cheese-filled buckwheat fritters from the Valtellina, the same region where the buckwheat pasta pizzocheri come from. The cheese used for sciatt, Valtellina Casera, is also typical for dressing pizzocheri. Although they share the same basic ingredients, the two dishes could hardly be …

FrankSciatt (Buckwheat Cheese Fritters)
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Biancomangiare (Blancmange)

In dessert, Sicilia by Frank10 Comments

+-*A dish dating back to the Middle Ages, biancomangiare, meaning ‘white dish’, is a simple cooked dessert, essentially milk infused with spices and thickened with starch to form a kind of pudding not unlike its far better known cousin panna cotta. It …

FrankBiancomangiare (Blancmange)
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Cinghiale in agrodolce (Sweet and Sour Wild Boar)

In Fall, Lazio, secondi piatti, Winter by Frank27 Comments

+-*Genuine Italian cookery generally has straight-forward taste profiles. As I’ve said before, one of the best ways to tell if a recipe is really Italian is to count the ingredient list: you should have your doubts about any recipe with over, say, seven ingredients; more …

FrankCinghiale in agrodolce (Sweet and Sour Wild Boar)
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Zuppa pavese (Pavia Style Soup)

In Lombardia, primi piatti, Soups by Frank26 Comments

+-*A humble soup in the cucina povera tradition, zuppa pavese from the Lombardy city of Pavia has a regal history behind it. Legend has it that French king Francis I, fleeing from defeat in a nearby battle, found himself in a peasant …

FrankZuppa pavese (Pavia Style Soup)
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Crostini di fegatini (Tuscan Chicken Liver Crostini)

In antipasti, Fall, Toscana by Frank14 Comments

+-*Crostini di fegatini—bread slices topped with a savory chicken liver paste—are the iconic Tuscan antipasto. In this version from Giuliano Bugialli’s classic work, The Fine Art of Italian Cooking, the liver paste is flavored unusually with  juniper berries, a touch that …

FrankCrostini di fegatini (Tuscan Chicken Liver Crostini)
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Frittelle di mele (Tyrolean Apple Fritters)

In Alto Adige, dessert by Frank15 Comments

+-*I’ve written about it before—I don’t have much of a sweet tooth. Dessert at home is usually a piece or two of seasonal fresh fruit. But sometimes I crave something more elaborate. I love fruit tarts or torts or fruits poached in …

FrankFrittelle di mele (Tyrolean Apple Fritters)
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Verza stufata (Braised Savoy Cabbage)

In contorno by Frank19 Comments

+-*With all the focus today on trendy vegetables like kale and Brussels sprouts, we tend to forget about good old fashioned cabbage. It’s cheap and tasty and—just like its more fashionable cousins—good for you. And while most people associate cabbage …

FrankVerza stufata (Braised Savoy Cabbage)
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Trippa alla romana (Roman-Style Tripe)

In Lazio, secondi piatti by Frank14 Comments

+-*Tripe was once a common part of the Italian diet, and no where more so than Rome. The inhabitants of the Eternal City are famous for their love of offal, which they jocularly call the quinto quarto, or the ‘fifth …

FrankTrippa alla romana (Roman-Style Tripe)
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Gnocchi alla romana (Roman Semolina Gnocchi)

In gnocchi, Lazio, primi piatti by Frank18 Comments

+-*Here’s a linguistic quandary: The Italian word gnocchi is usually translated as ‘dumplings’, and the dictionary defines the word ‘dumpling’ as “a small mass of leavened dough cooked by boiling or steaming” or “a piece of dough, sometimes filled, that …

FrankGnocchi alla romana (Roman Semolina Gnocchi)
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Carciofi e patate in padella (Braised Artichokes and Potatoes)

In contorno by Frank14 Comments

+-*Artichokes are usually thought of a spring vegetables, but in many countries, including here in the US, they have a second season in the Autumn.  It’s a great time to try Braised Artichokes and Potatoes. The tubers bring the kind of …

FrankCarciofi e patate in padella (Braised Artichokes and Potatoes)