Zucchine «a scapece» (Piquant Fried Zucchini)

There are four quintessential Italian summer vegetables: tomatoes, peppers, eggplant and zucchini. Of these, zucchini seems to get the least respect, maybe because zucchini plants are so incredibly prolific. New zucchini ...

Crema di ricotta (Ricotta Mousse)

Ricotta has got to be the most versatile of Italian cheeses: it makes its way into a variety of savory pasta dishes, from the popular pasta con la ricotta to ...

Bistecca alla fiorentina (Steak Florentine)

Bistecca alla fiorentina (Steak Florentine)

One does not always associate steak with Italian cooking, but one of the glories of Tuscan cuisine is, indeed, a simply prepared Porterhouse steak, grilled rare, over a wood fire: ...

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Pane casereccio (Homemade Bread)

I am not a baker. Never have been. I have always found ...

How to Dress a Salad “all’italiana”

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How to Make a Frittata

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The Italian Pantry

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How to Make Polenta

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Polpettone di tonno (Italian Tuna Loaf)

 A lighter summery alternative to classic meatloaf, polpettone di tonno, or Italian tuna loaf, is every bit as tasty if you ask me. Traditionally boiled, a more modern take on this dish is to bake it briefly in the oven, which eliminates a lot of the fuss. Served with homemade mayo, it makes for an elegant antipasto or […]

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Pesto genovese (Genoese Basil Sauce)

I’m old enough to remember when pesto genovese, the Genoese basil sauce, was a novelty in the US. These days everyone knows about pesto, to the point where it’s become a stand-by, especially in the summer when fresh basil is everywhere. Truth be told, though, as common as it is, pesto is rarely well made in […]

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Insalata caprese all’americana (American-Style Caprese Salad)

Long time readers of Memorie di Angelina know that we pretty much stick to tried-and-true traditional Italian home cooking on this blog, but every once in a while, I get the urge to be creative. This week’s post is one of those rare occasions. Here’s an American style variation on a classic caprese salad mixing an […]

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Our Fifth Blogiversary

Folks, Just a quick note. I am writing this back-dated post on July 13, as I just remembered that June 27 was the 5th ‘blogiversary‘ of Memorie di Angelina. I can still remember posting that first post back in 2009. Back then, the blog was just a way to share some recipes and what I called […]

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Tiella di patate, cipolle e pomodori (Potato, Onion and Tomato Casserole)

I really like baked casserole dishes. You can assemble them at your leisure, then pop them in the oven and serve them when you’re ready to eat. It’s cooking at its most relaxing. The people of Puglia, the region at the heel of the Italian boot, are particularly casserole dishes they call tielle after the […]

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Pesce spada con capperi alla calabrese (Calabrian Swordfish with Capers)

Swordfish is well liked here in the States and elsewhere for its mild taste and meaty texture. And the fish’s enormous size means that it is generally sold in large, boneless ‘steaks’ that make for a carefree eating experience. Even folks who are skittish about other kinds of fish often enjoy swordfish. Swordfish is a popular fish in the southern-most reaches of Italy. […]

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Carbonara vegetariana (Vegetarian Carbonara)

As a longtime resident of Rome, carbonara is one of my very favorite pastas, but in the warmer weather it can be a bit heavy. One way to lighten things up is to make a vegetarian carbonara: substitute the pancetta (Italian bacon) with a vegetable, typically zucchini, which has a natural affinity for eggs, as we’ve […]

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