Pasta alla grigia con carciofi

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Pasta alla gricia con carciofi

Our last day in Italy last spring was certainly memorable. The train back to Rome from Bari was cancelled midway through our trip due to a landslide on the tracks and, while we got eventually got there, we had a little four hour “adventure” along the way involving panicked crowds … Read More


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Roman cookery is probably best known for its world famous pastas like the iconic carbonara, amatriciana and cacio e pepe. But Rome has also made its mark in the world of sweets. While less well known than say Naples’ sfogiatelle or Sicily’s cannoli, Rome’s most iconic pastry called maritozzi is … Read More

Agnello brodettato (Roman Easter Lamb Stew)

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Agnello brodettato (Roman Style Easter Lamb Stew)

In Italy, as elsewhere, lamb—especially the milk-fed baby lamb called abbacchio—is strongly associated with the spring. Roman cookery in particular has a wonderful assortment of lamb dishes like the grilled rib chops known as scottadito, the lamb roasted with potatoes known as abbacchio al forno con le patate,  as well … Read More


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Carnival time was traditionally the last chance to have meat before Lent. The very word carnevale comes from the Latin expression carne levare, loosely meaning to “say goodbye to meat”. Indeed, martedì grasso or Fat Tuesday is still celebrated with a large meal featuring meat-laden dishes like the Neapolitan lasagne di Carnevale. And yet, perhaps the most iconic Italian dishes for Carnival actually come … Read More

Stracciatella alla romana

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Stracciatella alla romana

One usually associates Roman cookery with hearty and robustly flavored dishes and, by and large, the image holds true. But there are some exceptions, like today’s offering: stracciatella, a light and delicately flavored ‘egg drop soup’. Stracciatella is utterly simple and—if you have the broth at hand—very quick to make. Beaten … Read More

Petto di vitella alla fornara

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Petto di vitello alla fornara (Baker's Roasted Veal Breast)

In most ways, the culinary culture in this country has vastly improved since I was a kid. I’m old enough to remember the days when if you wanted to cook with Italian parsley rather than the curly kind, you’d have to grow your own. Or if you wanted imported pasta … Read More