Fagiolini e patate (Green Bean and Potato Salad)

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Fagiolini e patate (Green Bean and Potato Salad)

It’s a testament to the vastness of Italian cookery that, even after 14 years of blogging, I find that I’ve managed to miss an uber-popular dish like this staple of summer tables, fagiolini e patate or Green Bean and Potato Salad. Well, better late than never… If you haven’t tried … Read More

Baccalà lesso (Boiled Salt Cod)

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Baccalà lesso

Lent—la Quaresima in Italian—is the roughly six week period on the Catholic calendar between Ash Wednesday and Easter. Traditionally a period of self-sacrifice and fasting, in the old days the faithful were expected to abstain from eating meat and rich foods, and live on simple vegetable, fish and grain dishes. A whole range … Read More

Quick Note: Picchiapò

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We’re an old fashioned household in many ways. In the cooler months, making broth is a Sunday afternoon ritual in our house. And from broth comes boiled meat, an old fashioned treat that most people these days have never tasted. If it sounds to you like hospital food, think again. Italian … Read More