Crema di ricotta (Ricotta Mousse)

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Ricotta has got to be the most versatile of Italian cheeses: it makes its way into a variety of savory pasta dishes, from the popular pasta con la ricotta to the iconic ricotta-filled ravioli and—of course—southern-style lasagna, and any number of desserts, from the grand Neapolitan pastiera to the elegant budino di ricotta to … Read More

Frittatine in trippa (Frittata in Tomato Sauce)

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Frittatine in trippa

Eggs and tomatoes were meant for each other. From the Neapolitan “Eggs in Purgatory” to the Mexican huevos rancheros to the Chinese Stir-Fried Eggs with Tomatoes, to the old-fashioned American scrambled eggs with ketchup, everyone seems to love this epic combination of flavors. Here’s another Italian take on the theme, … Read More

Spaghetti alla carbonara

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My grandmother Angelina never made it, as far as I can recall, but as a long-time resident of Rome I have a great fondness for la carbonara, one of the iconic dishes of Roman cooking. Together with bucatini all’amatriciana, you’ll find it on just about every menu in town. And … Read More

Frittata di maccheroni avanzati (Leftover Pasta Frittata)

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Leftover pasta is generally pretty bad when reheated. But there is one great way to recycle leftover pasta: as a pasta frittata. All you do is mix your leftovers with eggs and grated cheese, perhaps some minced parsley for color, and a bit of salt and pepper if it needs … Read More

Pallotte cacio e uova (Cheese and Egg Balls)

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Cheese and Egg Balls

An iconic dish from the Abruzzo region in the cucina povera tradition, pallotte cacio e uova—cheese and egg balls—probably got its start as a way to use up leftover bits of cheese and stale bread. The mixture is then bound together with egg and formed into balls and, just like … Read More

Zabaione (Zabaglione)

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Zabaione, spelled Zabaglione by some Italians and all English speakers, is  a classic sweet that you don’t encounter much any more on restaurant menus, let alone on home tables. That’s a shame, because it’s truly delicious and supremely versatile, equally suited to serve on its own as a sweet ending to an … Read More

Uova sode in salsa verde (Hard Boiled Eggs in ‘Green Sauce’)

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Uova sode in salsa verde (Eggs in Green Sauce)

Salsa verde, literally ‘green sauce‘, is a quick, parsley-based raw condiment, intensely flavored with garlic, anchovies, capers, a dash of vinegar and, if you like, a pinch of hot red pepper, all bathed in fruity olive oil. It  is a culinary cousin to other such sauces like the Sicilian salmoriglio … Read More

Sformato di tonno (Baked Tuna Sformato)

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Baked Tuna Sformato

A sformato (the word literally means ‘unmolded’) is something like a soufflé without the puff: the main ingredient is mixed with a very stiff béchamel sauce and eggs, then baked in a mold until set. But since the eggs are left whole rather than separated and the whites whipped, a sformato only … Read More