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Carnival time was traditionally the last chance to have meat before Lent. The very word carnevale comes from the Latin expression carne levare, loosely meaning to “say goodbye to meat”. Indeed, martedì grasso or Fat Tuesday is still celebrated with a large meal featuring meat-laden dishes like the Neapolitan lasagne di Carnevale. And yet, perhaps the most iconic Italian dishes for Carnival actually come … Read More

Cannoli siciliani

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Cannoli are perhaps the most beloved of Italian pastries, a true icon of Italian cookery across the world. So why, you might ask, have I not written about cannoli in over 13 years of blogging? It’s a good question. Perhaps it’s because I don’t have much of a sweet tooth. … Read More

Cardi fritti (Batter-fried Cardoons)

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Cardi fritti (Cardoon Fritters)

Have you ever tried a cardoon? It’s a unique vegetable that looks like an overgrown celery stalk but tastes like an artichoke, to which, in fact, it is related. Cardoons grow easily in a temperate climate. In fact, they grown wild in California. But for some reason they have never … Read More