An Italian Cookout

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Italian Cookout: Tagliata

For many Italians, Summer means outdoor grilling, just as it does for much of the rest of the world. An Italian cookout is more or less like any other, but with some distinctive dishes and approaches. The meats are grilled simply, with minimal rubs and sauces, if any, and there’s … Read More

Pesce alla griglia (Grilled Fish)

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The beauty of grilling is that just about any foodstuff lends itself to the technique. Here on Memorie di Angelina, we’ve grilled vegetables, chicken, lamb, pork and, most recently, beef. But grilled fish is equally easy and delicious, and very popular in Italy. Some people shy away from cooking fish, … Read More

Tagliata d’agnello (Lamb Tagliata)

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Lamb Tagliata

One of my favorite ways to make steak is called tagliata or, to be more precise, tagliata di manzo. The word ‘tagliato‘ means simply ‘cut’ or ‘sliced’, and manzo means beef. The dish is, quite simply, sliced steak, grilled rare, arranged over a bed of arugula and dressed with olive … Read More