Maccheroni positanesi

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Maccheroni positanesi

This week we have another great recipe for you from Jeanne Carola Francesconi: maccheroni positanesi, or Pasta Positano Style. In the tradition of no cook tomato sauces like the much better known pasta al pomodoro crudo, in this recipe the pasta is dressed “a sette sapori“—with seven flavors: tomato, garlic, … Read More

Carne cruda all’albese

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carne cruda

It might be controversial in some circles, but I absolutely love Steak Tartare. There’s something about raw meat that scratches a primal culinary itch every now and again. Italians have their own take on the dish from the region of Piemonte called carne cruda (meaning simply “raw meat”), which is … Read More

Insalata pantesca

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Insalata pantesca

When temperatures reach astronomical highs as they have done lately, I often turn to salads for sustenance. To me, they’re the ideal hot weather food. Not only do you general serve them chilled or at room temperature, but they’re generally quickly thrown together and don’t involve turning on an oven … Read More

Salame di cioccolato (Chocolate Salami)

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Chocolate Salami (Salame di cioccolato)

A salame di cioccolato, or Chocolate Salami, is a charming little dessert, much more delicious than its easy peasy recipe gives it a right to be. This “salami” is actually just dark chocolate whisked with eggs and sugar to form a kind of mousse, then folded with broken up tea … Read More

Pasta al tonno a modo mio

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Pasta al tonno a modo mio

For the most part, the dishes we present here at Memorie di Angelina are taken from the time-tested canon of Italy’s rich culinary tradition. But like many other home cooks, I do enjoy improvising in the kitchen every once in a while, usually riffing off a familiar recipe. I call … Read More