Crostini di fegatini (Tuscan Chicken Liver Crostini)

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Crostini (Tuscan Chicken Liver Crostini)

Crostini di fegatini—bread slices topped with a savory chicken liver paste—are the iconic Tuscan antipasto. In this version from Giuliano Bugialli’s classic work, The Fine Art of Italian Cooking, the liver paste is flavored unusually with  juniper berries, a touch that Bugialli says evokes the autumn hunting season. Whether or not … Read More

Trippa alla romana (Roman-Style Tripe)

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Trippa alla romana

Tripe was once a common part of the Italian diet, and no where more so than Rome. The inhabitants of the Eternal City are famous for their love of offal, which they jocularly call the quinto quarto, or the ‘fifth fourth’, a butcher’s term for those humble parts of the … Read More

Trippa con patate (Tripe and potatoes)

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Tripe and potatoes

Tripe is one of the most misunderstood parts of the cow. Although classified as an organ meat—part of the famous quinto quarto as the Romans say—well-cooked tripe has its own unique mild and subtle flavor, not at all like other organ meats such as liver or kidneys. Even for the … Read More

Fegato alla veneziana (Venetian Liver and Onions)

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Venetian Liver and Onions

A good many people have an aversion to organ meats. Perhaps that’s because they are often not very well prepared—overcooking, which tends to accentuate the ‘mineral’ taste of organ meats and toughen their texture, is all too common. Or perhaps it’s just the idea of eating an organ, although why … Read More

Buseca alla milanese (Milanese-Style Tripe)

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As we’ve mentioned before on this blog, Saturday is tripe day in Rome… sabato trippa, as the saying goes. The tripe served in our house is usually alla romana, but today I made something a bit different: buseca (which is Milanese dialect for tripe). While Roman-style tripe is quite assertive, … Read More

Gratinéed Ox Tongue in Mushroom Cream Sauce

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As mentioned recently, veal tongue is a common part of a bollito misto, but tongue is also a wonderful dish all on its own. Although classified as an organ meat, tongue doesn’t taste ‘organ-y’ at all. Rather it tastes like a richest, most unctuous cut of beef you have ever … Read More

Coda alla vaccinara (Roman-Style Braised Oxtails)

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This is comfort food at its most comforting, one of the many humble but delicious dishes that typify popular cooking in the Eternal City: Roman-style braised oxtails. The  Italian word vaccinara actually means “butcher style”. The tail is one of those cuts of meat that are known in Italian as … Read More