Pesce al forno con patate (Baked Fish with Potatoes)

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Baked Fish with Potatoes

We’ve looked at Angelina’s pollo e patate (chicken and potatoes) and  agnello e patate (lamb and potatoes). Well, fish is also exquisite with potatoes as well, and while the chicken and lamb were ‘down home’ dishes, pesce al forno con patate, baked fish with potatoes, is elegant enough to serve for a formal dinner party. It … Read More

Pommes Frites: the original “French” Fries

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Pommes frites

Deep fried potatoes, which in the US usually go by the misnomer “French fries“, have suffered from association with fast food and the modern aversion to deep fried foods in general, but a well-made batch of pommes frites is one of the tastiest ways to prepare potatoes. And while they … Read More

Buttery Mashed Potatoes

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While it’s true that we mostly eat Italian at home, there are some dishes that even I have to admit the French do better. (I hope Angelina isn’t listening….) One of them is potato puree, also known as mashed potatoes, and, more specifically, the incredibly buttery version made famous by … Read More