Affettati misti (Italian Cured Meat Platter)

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Cured meat platter

One of the most iconic ways to start a holiday or other important Italian meal is with an assortment of cured meats, called salumi in Italian, thinly sliced and arranged artistically (or not) on a serving platter. Each diner then helps themselves to the ones that appeal to them most. … Read More

Pizza rustica (Easter Cheese and Salumi Pie)

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Pizza rustica

Pasquetta, or ‘Little Easter’, known in English as Easter Monday, is a holiday in Italy and much of Europe. Folks traditionally take to the roads to drive out to the countryside and enjoy a fresh air picnic. In Campania and elsewhere, one favorite item in the Pasquetta picnic basket is the … Read More

Saltimbocca alla romana (Roman-Style Veal Scallops)

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One of the most famous of all meat dishes in the Roman culinary repertoire, these veal scaloppini known as saltimbocca typify Roman cooking in their simple, lusty deliciousness. The name, as many of you probably already know, means ‘leap into the mouth’, a reference to how very good they really … Read More

Ham and lentil casserole

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Here’s one answer to the perennial post-Christmas question: what to do with the leftover ham? As we all know, pork and legumes have a natural affinity, so why not pair ham and lentils in this rather loose riff on a cassoulet? First, simmer some lentils—about 100g (4 oz.) per serving—in … Read More

Prosciutto e fichi (Prosciutto Wrapped Figs)

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Prosciutto Wrapped Figs

Everyone these days knows about pairing prosciutto with melon but few people seem to know about another, to my mind even more delicious, pairing: Prosciutto Wrapped Figs. Personally, I find that the richer flavor and softer texture of figs marries even better with the saltiness of cured ham. If you … Read More

Fettuccine alla papalina (Fettuccine for the Pope)

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Fettuccine alla papalina

Fettuccine alla papalina, or “Fettuccine for the Pope”, is an upscale reinterpretation of the earthy spaghetti alla carbonara. The story goes that the dish was prepared for a certain Cardinal Pacelli, soon to become Pope Pius XII, who had asked the owner of a restaurant in the Borgo (the area … Read More