Pesche al vino rosso (Peaches in Red Wine)

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Sometimes the simplest things are the best. And today we are featuring peaches in red wine, a dessert that takes practically no effort to make. The fruit is softened a bit with a mixture of sugar and lemon, then bathed in red wine. That’s really all there is to it. However simple … Read More

Zabaione (Zabaglione)

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Zabaione, spelled Zabaglione by some Italians and all English speakers, is  a classic sweet that you don’t encounter much any more on restaurant menus, let alone on home tables. That’s a shame, because it’s truly delicious and supremely versatile, equally suited to serve on its own as a sweet ending to an … Read More

Maiale Ubriaco (Drunken Pork)

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Drunken Pork

They don’t make pork like they used to. Modern pork is raised lean for health reasons but in the process a lot of flavor got lost. But there are ways to make up for the lack of intrinsic flavor, like this simple Tuscan method for making pork chops called maiale … Read More