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Tale of Two Spritzes: Aperol Spritz and Campari Spritz

In beverage, Veneto by Frank35 Comments

Summer is coming to a close and the temperatures around here are …

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Peperoni al gratin (Peppers au gratin)

In antipasti, contorno by Frank31 Comments

Here is one of the simplest ways to make peppers and, to …

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Pollo al mattone (Chicken under a Brick)

In secondi piatti, summer, Toscana by Frank37 Comments

Pollo al mattone, which I would translate roughly as “chicken under a …

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Melanzane al cioccolato (Chocolate Eggplant)

In Campania, dessert by Frank37 Comments

Chocolate Eggplant? It sounds like a culinary joke or some newfangled fusion …

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Spaghetti con la bottarga

In pasta, primi piatti, Sardegna, Sicilia, summer by Frank25 Comments

Bottarga—cured fish roe typical of Sardinian and Sicilian cookery—is an unusual but tasty …

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Pomodori ripieni di tonno (Tuna Stuffed Tomatoes)

In antipasti by Frank26 Comments

At our house, summer is a time for unfussy, often no cook eating. …

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Spuma di ricotta alle pesche sciroppate (Whipped Ricotta with Peaches in Syrup)

In dessert by Frank36 Comments

I don’t have much of a sweet tooth. As I’ve mentioned before, …

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Zucchine cacio e uova (Zucchini with Egg and Cheese)

In Campania, contorno, secondi piatti by Frank32 Comments

Zucchini and eggs were meant for each other. They are found together …

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Agnello in umido (Lamb in Tomato Sauce)

In Marche, secondi piatti by Frank30 Comments

Lamb may be my very favorite red meat. It’s more interesting than …

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Sugo finto (“Fake” Sauce)

In pasta, primi piatti, sauces, Toscana by Frank43 Comments

Another of the many Italian dishes in the cucina povera tradition, sugo …

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Torta Pasqualina (Easter Pie from Liguria)

In antipasti, Liguria, Spring by Frank38 Comments

Savory pies and enriched breads figure prominently on the Easter dinner table. …

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Italian Charoset for Passover

In dessert, Piemonte by Frank25 Comments

It may come as a surprise, but Italy has a long tradition …

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The Digestivo: A Beginner’s Guide to Italian After Dinner Drinks

In beverage, drink, reference by Frank45 Comments

This blog is mostly dedicated to food, but food and drink are …

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Petti di pollo al burro (Butter-Braised Chicken Breasts)

In secondi piatti, Toscana by Frank64 Comments

In Italian Food, the 1954 book that introduced the English to real Italian …

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Riso in cagnone (Rice with Butter and Cheese)

In Lombardia, Piemonte, primi piatti, Risotto and Other Rice Dishes by Frank38 Comments

I was an atypical child. The other kids would come home from school …

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Angelina’s Polpettone (Angelina’s Meatloaf)

In Campania, secondi piatti by Frank41 Comments

Yes, Italians make meatloaf. They call it polpettone, or a ‘big meatball’, which …

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Cantucci (Tuscan Almond Cookies)

In dessert, Toscana by Frank23 Comments

Cantucci, also known as biscotti di Prato, are perhaps the best known of …

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Patate alla lucana (Basilicata Potato Casserole)

In Basilicata, contorno by Frank34 Comments

Italian cuisine is not generally known for potato gratin dishes. But here’s …

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Calamari in zimino (Squid Braised in Greens)

In Liguria, secondi piatti, Toscana by Frank31 Comments

If you’ve read our Glossary of Italian Cooking Terms, you’ll know that …

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Cocktail di gamberetti (Shrimp Cocktail in the Italian Manner)

In antipasti by Frank34 Comments

New Year’s Eve in Italy, as for so many other special occasions, …

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Filetti di baccalà (Fried Salt Cod Filets)

In Lazio, secondi piatti by Frank39 Comments

During my years in Rome, I mostly lived on the small but charming piazza di …

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Minestra di broccoli e arzilla (Skate and Romanesco Broccoli Soup)

In Lazio, primi piatti, Soups by Frank44 Comments

I lived in Rome for over ten years, but in all that …

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Stinco di maiale al forno con patate (Oven-Roasted Pork Hock and Potatoes)

In Alto Adige, Fall, Friuli-Venezia Giulia, secondi piatti, Winter by Frank36 Comments

I am taking some poetic license with today’s recipe. You see, stinco di …

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Minestra dei morti (Soup of the Dead)

In Lombardia, piatti unici, primi piatti, secondi piatti, Soups by Frank35 Comments

Modern Milan, political capital of Lombardy and financial capital of Italy, conjures up images …

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Farinata di cavolo nero (Tuscan Kale and Polenta Soup)

In polenta, primi piatti, Soups, Toscana by Frank46 Comments

When I think of Tuscan cuisine, first and foremost, even before the …