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Quick Note: Picchiapò

In secondi piatti by Frank Fariello23 Comments

We’re an old fashioned household in many ways. In the cooler months, making broth is a Sunday afternoon ritual in our house. And from broth comes boiled meat, an old fashioned …

Frank FarielloQuick Note: Picchiapò
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In antipasti by Frank Fariello19 Comments

Carpaccio is one of the most famous of Italian antipasti but the version most people are familiar with—thin beef slices macerated in olive oil and lemon, adorned with arugula and …

Frank FarielloCarpaccio
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Rotolo di tacchino (Roast Turkey Roll)

In secondi piatti by Frank Fariello19 Comments

Turkey is a popular meat in Italy, often providing a less expensive alternative to veal in dishes ranging from scalloppine to ossobuco. But a whole roast bird, Thanksgiving style, is …

Frank FarielloRotolo di tacchino (Roast Turkey Roll)
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La genovese

In pasta, primi piatti by Frank Fariello16 Comments

  Besides ragù alla napoletana, la genovese is probably the most iconic of all Neapolitan pasta sauces, and yet it is little known outside Italy or, for that matter, little …

Frank FarielloLa genovese

Vitello tonnato (Tunnied Veal)

In antipasti by Frank Fariello17 Comments

 If you’ve been reading this blog lately you may be wondering if we’ve been switching themes on you. Well, it’s true that summer somehow brings out the experimental side of …

Frank FarielloVitello tonnato (Tunnied Veal)
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Pulled Pork “Pibil”

In secondi piatti by Frank Fariello15 Comments

We hosted a block party on the 5th of July and I was casting around for inspiration when I hit upon a great post on barbecue by my fellow blogger …

Frank FarielloPulled Pork “Pibil”
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An Italian Cookout

In contorno by Frank Fariello14 Comments

  For many Italians, Summer means outdoor grilling, just as it does for much of the rest of the world. One of my grilling favorites is the grigliata mista, mixed …

Frank FarielloAn Italian Cookout
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Co(s)tolette alla milanese (Milanese-Style Veal Chops)

In by Frank Fariello7 Comments

  One of the pillars of Milanese cuisine, costoletta alla milanese (locally called cotoletta alla milanese) is nothing more than a breaded veal chop browned in butter. It’s so typical, …

Frank FarielloCo(s)tolette alla milanese (Milanese-Style Veal Chops)

Ham and lentil casserole

In piatti unici by Frank Fariello2 Comments

Here’s one answer to the perennial post-Christmas question: what to do with the leftover ham? As we all know, pork and legumes have a natural affinity, so why not pair …

Frank FarielloHam and lentil casserole