Stracotto alla fiorentina (Tuscan Pot Roast)

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Tuscan Pot Roast

Some readers may remember last winter’s post on brasato al vino rosso, the wonderful red wine pot roast from northern Italy. Well, today we turn our attention to central Italy to present Tuscan Pot Roast. This dish, more specifically from Florence, is called ‘stracotto’, which literally means ‘overcooked’. Like a brasato, red wine goes … Read More

An Italian Cookout

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Italian Cookout: Tagliata

For many Italians, Summer means outdoor grilling, just as it does for much of the rest of the world. An Italian cookout is more or less like any other, but with some distinctive dishes and approaches. The meats are grilled simply, with minimal rubs and sauces, if any, and there’s … Read More