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Carciofi fritti alla romana (Roman-Style Fried Artichokes)

In contorno by Frank Fariello15 Comments

Rome has produced two world famous artichoke dishes, carciofi alla romana (Roman-Style Braised Artichokes) and carciofi alla giudia (Jewish-Style Deep-Fried Artichokes) Both are fantastic but require rather elaborate preparations and …

Frank FarielloCarciofi fritti alla romana (Roman-Style Fried Artichokes)
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Torta di porri (Tuscan Leek Pie)

In antipasti, snack by Frank Fariello12 Comments

This recipe for Tuscan leek pie comes from the Florentine chef and food historian Giuliano Bugialli. He is one of my favorite Italian cookbook authors but is relatively little known, …

Frank FarielloTorta di porri (Tuscan Leek Pie)
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Carabaccia (Tuscan Onion Soup)

In primi piatti, Soups by Frank Fariello25 Comments

Carabaccia is an ancient soup, going back to the Renaissance. They say it was a favorite of Leonardo da Vinci—and that, as for so many other classic dishes,  the recipe was …

Frank FarielloCarabaccia (Tuscan Onion Soup)
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Cipolle al forno (Baked Onions)

In contorno by Frank Fariello9 Comments

Where would we be without onions, I ask you? The onion and other members of the allium family provide the flavor base for practically every savory dish in the Italian …

Frank FarielloCipolle al forno (Baked Onions)
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Carote al latte (Carrots Braised in Milk)

In contorno by Frank Fariello21 Comments

A fine side dish for roasted or braised meats, these carrots are a snap to make. Just combine baby carrots, milk, butter and seasonings and let them simmer together until …

Frank FarielloCarote al latte (Carrots Braised in Milk)