Rouxbe Online Cooking School

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Rouxbe Online Cooking School

Dear readers,

Recipes are great things, but without the right cooking skills you won’t get the most out of even the best recipes. That’s why I try to spend time in the posts here on Memorie di Angelina describing technique to you in some considerable detail—to try to recreate for you the actual experience of cooking the dish.But words can only take you so far, and those descriptions will be that much more meaningful if you already have a good technical grounding.And that’s where the Rouxbe Online Cooking School comes in. You may have noticed from time to time an embedded video on this blog from the Rouxbe Cooking School, because there is nothing like a (moving) picture to illustrate a cooking technique.Today I wanted to take a moment to mention Rouxbe specifically. As regular readers will know, I generally don’t do promotions of any kind on this site, but once in a great while something truly unique comes along. And Rouxbe truly is unique. As far as I know, it is the only place you can go online to access a complete culinary school curriculum, available to you any time you want.

I’ve agreed to participate in Rouxbe’s associate program because—being a long-time Rouxbe member myself—I know that this is an incredibly useful resource for anyone who is serious about cooking. There’s a lot to learn here—everything from basic knife skills, to how to make pasta from scratch, to how to cook pasta properly, to the basics of salad making, to how to sauté, braise, deep fry, poach… just about every basic cooking skill is here, clearly and carefully explained in beautifully filmed videos. I have to admit, even after many years of cooking, I still learn something myself whenever I stop in and check out a lesson. And each lesson is linked to an online quiz to test your knowledge, as well as a variety of video recipes so you can practice your skills right away.

As an associate, I can offer embedded instructional videos here on Memorie di Angelina—but more than that, as a reader of this blog, you can access a 14-day free pass which gives you full access to the entire Rouxbe site so you can tour around and see if you want to join up. Just go to their site by clicking on the images above or below and you can redeem your gift membership.



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