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This Venetian invention is often described in English language sources as a “cocktail” but it’s actually sorbet, whipped together with champagne and vodka to form a kind of cold mousse. Originally intended as a palate cleanser between courses of an important dinner, today a sgroppino is typically served as dessert/digestivo … Read More

Negroni sbagliato

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Negroni sbagliato

It might have been a mistake, but I happen to like a Negroni sbagliato, or “mistaken Nigroni”, even better than the original cocktail. In this “mistaken” version, Prosecco stands in for the gin that gives a classic Negroni its sharp kick. This version is less alcoholic and, to my mind, … Read More

Tale of Two Spritzes: Aperol Spritz and Campari Spritz

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Summer is coming to a close and the temperatures around here are already getting downright chilly. But it’s not too late to enjoy two iconic summertime apéritifs: the Aperol Spritz and the Campari Spritz. These refreshing cocktails are made with Prosecco mingled with the bitter liqueur and topped off with … Read More

The Digestivo: A Beginner’s Guide to Italian After Dinner Drinks

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This blog is mostly dedicated to food, but food and drink are inextricably linked. So, from time to time, we consider the wines and other beverages that typically accompany an Italian meal. We’ve taken a look at the apertivo, the before-dinner drinks intended to whet the appetite before dinner. Today let’s … Read More

Homemade Limoncello

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Homemade Limoncello

Everyone likes limoncello. For me, just a sip brings back memories of summer and sand and seafood by the shore. The best limoncello exquisitely balances the pungency of lemon zest and the sweetness of sugar, with just an intriguing hint of bitterness. The quality of commercial limoncello can vary wildly. (I know … Read More

The Art of the Aperitivo

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The Art of the Aperitivo

Memorie di Angelina is a food blog, of course, but in Italian culinary tradition you cannot separate food from drink. While Italians are not heavy drinkers as a rule, it is also true that, traditionally speaking at least, a meal is not a meal without a glass or two of … Read More

Frullato di frutta (Italian Fruit Smoothie)

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Frullato (Fruit Smoothie)

This one is so simple you might wonder why I am even posting about it. It’s what some of my fellow bloggers might call a ‘non-recipe’.  And yet, the frullato is so essential to the Italian summertime food culture that it would be malpractice not to mention it. And besides, it’s … Read More

Frank’s Hot Chocolate

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Frank's Hot Chocolate

Is there anything quite so comforting, after a chilly day’s outing, as a cup of hot chocolate? It almost makes me look forward to the cold weather. But, if you ask me, most kinds you can find commercially, either entirely pre-made or from a mix, is either too thin or … Read More