Viennese Goulash

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Viennese Goulash

For some reason, I must be feeling nostalgic for my Vienna days as I keep coming back to the dishes I made during those years. Perhaps it’s the cold weather that calls out for the hearty cooking of Mitteleuropa. In any event, here’s another favorite from that time and place: … Read More

Mushroom Barley Soup

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What to do with a spare ham bone if, like me, you don’t care too much for split pea soup? Well, what about a mushroom barley soup? While barley soup is usually made with beef, it tastes just a delicious with pork and ham in particular. Ingredients For 4 servings … Read More

Céléri rémoulade

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Celeri Remoulade

I normally like my salads with a simple oil and vinegar dressing in the typical Italian manner, but once and a while I get the urge for one of those rich and creamy salads like cole slaw or Russian salad … or this French classic: céléri rémoulade, shredded celery root … Read More