Viennese Goulash

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Viennese Goulash

For some reason, I must be feeling nostalgic for my Vienna days as I keep coming back to the dishes I made during those years. Perhaps it’s the cold weather that calls out for the hearty cooking of Mitteleuropa. In any event, here’s another favorite from that time and place: … Read More

Canederli (Tyrolean Bread Dumplings)

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Tyrollean Bread Dumplings

Canederli is the Italian name given to the bread dumplings so popular in Austria and other parts of central Europe, known in German as Semmelknödl or just knödel. During my years in Vienna it was one of my favorite things to eat, so when I re-discovered them in Italy, on … Read More

Mushroom Barley Soup

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What to do with a spare ham bone if, like me, you don’t care too much for split pea soup? Well, what about a mushroom barley soup? While barley soup is usually made with beef, it tastes just a delicious with pork and ham in particular. Ingredients For 4 servings … Read More

Fried Catfish: A Southern Classic

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Fried Catfish

While Italian or other European dishes appear on our table most days, once in a while I do like to cook a dish from the New World, too. American food has a less than stellar reputation abroad. For many Europeans, it usually brings to mind junk food, fast food and … Read More

Chicons au gratin (Belgian Endive and Ham Gratin)

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Chicons au gratin (Belgian Endive and Ham Gratin)

There’s something about chilly weather that demands a nice gratin—that piping-hot, cheesy, gooey goodness is just the thing to warm your body and soul on a mid-Autumn evening. And here is one that is sure to satisfy: another classic, Belgian Endive and Ham Gratin, known as chicons au gratin in Belgium and … Read More

Carbonnade à la flamande (Beef Braised in Beer)

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Carbonnade à la flamande

Today is Columbus Day so, of course, I decided I would make a Belgian meal… 😉 One of my favorite Belgian dishes is carbonnade, a wonderfully deep-flavored dish of beef braised in onions and beer. It is simple but satisfying, just the kind of cooking and eating that I like … Read More

Non-Chef Nick’s Paella mexicana

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Paella Mexicana

It’s the 4th of July here in the US and the national holiday naturally makes me yearn for… paella! Well, not just any paella, but paella mexicana, a Mexican-style version inspired by my fellow blogger Non Chef Nick’s latest post on In the Kitchen with Nick. I absolutely love paella. … Read More

Céléri rémoulade

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Celeri Remoulade

I normally like my salads with a simple oil and vinegar dressing in the typical Italian manner, but once and a while I get the urge for one of those rich and creamy salads like cole slaw or Russian salad … or this French classic: céléri rémoulade, shredded celery root … Read More