Risotto primavera (Spring Risotto)

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Spring Risotto

Well, Spring is finally here! All those lovely seasonal vegetables that are just beginning to arrive in the markets, the kind that Italians call primizie—asparagus, baby artichokes, fresh peas in their pods—are beginning to make their appearance in the local markets. There are so many ways to enjoy these vegetables, … Read More

Insalata di riso con würstel (Italian Rice Salad)

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Italian Rice Salad

Insalata di riso, or rice salad, is another staple of Italian summertime cooking. It’s quick and very easy to make, it can be made ahead—in fact, it only gets better after a day in the fridge—and it’s light on the stomach. And it lends itself to variations limited only to … Read More

Risotto alla milanese (Milanese-Style Risotto)

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Risotto is one of the staples of northern Italian cooking, nowhere more so than in Lombardy. Risotto alla milanese is the dish that perhaps best typifies the cooking of Milan, the capital of Lombardy region and the economic and financial capital of Italy. This risotto follows the classic method for making … Read More

Risotto al nero di seppia (Squid Ink Risotto)

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Squid Ink Risotto (aka Black Risotto)

Here’s another installment from the colorful world of risotto. Last week we featured green risotto, this week it’s squid ink risotto aka ‘black risotto’, made with cuttlefish and its ink. Ingredients Serves 4-6 250g (8 oz) rice (see Notes) Broth, preferably homemade, or water, q.b. 250g (8 oz) cuttlefish or … Read More

Risotto verde (Green Risotto)

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Green risotto

As explained in this basic recipe post, risotto is one of those infinitely versatile dishes that smart cooks live by. Once you know the basic recipe, you’ve can access an entire repertoire must by changing the flavoring ingredient, which can be meat, fish, vegetable or even fruit. One of my favorite ways … Read More

Insalata di riso con tonno (Italian Tuna Rice Salad)

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Italian Tuna Rice Salad

Mid-August, when the temperatures climb to tropical heights, is a time when even the enthusiasm of even the most avid cook can begin to wane. Italians often turn to easily prepared dishes that need minimal or no actually cooking. Salads are an obvious choice, and rice salads are a favorite. … Read More

Pomodori ripieni di riso (Baked Tomatoes with Rice)

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Baked Tomatoes with Rice

A staple of summer picnics and tavole calde, pomodori ripieni di riso, or Baked Tomatoes with Rice, make for a simple and relatively quick weekend dinner, part of a buffet or a tasty antipasto for a summer dinner for guests. Here’s the recipe: Ingredients Serves 4-6 4-6 large, ripe tomatoes 100g … Read More

Non-Chef Nick’s Paella mexicana

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Paella Mexicana

It’s the 4th of July here in the US and the national holiday naturally makes me yearn for… paella! Well, not just any paella, but paella mexicana, a Mexican-style version inspired by my fellow blogger Non Chef Nick’s latest post on In the Kitchen with Nick. I absolutely love paella. … Read More