Carne cruda all’albese

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carne cruda

It might be controversial in some circles, but I absolutely love Steak Tartare. There’s something about raw meat that scratches a primal culinary itch every now and again. Italians have their own take on the dish from the region of Piemonte called carne cruda (meaning simply “raw meat”), which is … Read More

Piccata di pollo (Chicken Piccata)

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Piccata di pollo

Scaloppine dishes are some of the most quintessential everyday secondi piatti in the Italian repertoire. Thin slices of meat are lightly floured then quickly sautéed in a skillet, which is deglazed with wine to form a quick and tasty sauce. Lightening fast but also super-tasty, with a touch of elegance, … Read More

Trippa e patate alla calabrese

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Trippa e patate alla calabrese

As regular readers of this blog will know, I’m a big fan of those under-appreciated variety meats. Trippa, or tripe, is certainly no exception. Here at Memorie di Angelina, we’ve featured tripe recipes from Milan, Rome and Florence. Today’s recipe comes from Calabria. Trippa e patate alla calabrese, or Calabrian … Read More

Petto di vitella alla fornara

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Petto di vitello alla fornara (Baker's Roasted Veal Breast)

In most ways, the culinary culture in this country has vastly improved since I was a kid. I’m old enough to remember the days when if you wanted to cook with Italian parsley rather than the curly kind, you’d have to grow your own. Or if you wanted imported pasta … Read More

Soffritto napoletano

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Soffritto napoletano

We don’t often think about it, but meats also have seasons. Just as lamb is a talisman of the spring, autumn and early winter is pork season. In the days before freezers, it was the time of year when pigs were traditionally slaughtered. The colder weather acted as a natural … Read More