Pollo al vino bianco con funghi (Chicken in White Wine with Mushrooms)

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Chicken in White Wine with Mushrooms

I love recipes that combine meat (or fish) with vegetables like this chicken in white wine with mushrooms. In Italian cooking terms, it combines secondo and contorno in a single dish, and if you serve the dish with some good bread, it becomes a one-pot meal, especially appreciated after the … Read More

Baccalà mantecato (Baccalà Purée)

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Baccalà mantecato

A not-so-distant cousin of Provençale brandade de morue, baccalà mantecato is one of the signature dishes of Venetian cuisine and a staple of those wonderful hidden-away Venetian bacari, or wine bars. The name of the dish comes from the verb mantecare, which is a culinary term meaning to ‘beat’ or ‘whip’ … Read More

Risotto al nero di seppia (Squid Ink Risotto)

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Squid Ink Risotto (aka Black Risotto)

Here’s another installment from the colorful world of risotto. Last week we featured green risotto, this week it’s squid ink risotto aka ‘black risotto’, made with cuttlefish and its ink. Ingredients Serves 4-6 250g (8 oz) rice (see Notes) Broth, preferably homemade, or water, q.b. 250g (8 oz) cuttlefish or … Read More

Fegato alla veneziana (Venetian Liver and Onions)

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Venetian Liver and Onions

A good many people have an aversion to organ meats. Perhaps that’s because they are often not very well prepared—overcooking, which tends to accentuate the ‘mineral’ taste of organ meats and toughen their texture, is all too common. Or perhaps it’s just the idea of eating an organ, although why … Read More

Risi e bisi (Venetian Rice and Peas)

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Risi e bisi

Sweet, fresh peas in their pods can be hard to find, but when I spotted some in a local market I grabbed them up to make a delicious Springtime dish from the Veneto: risi e bisi, or rice and peas in Venetian dialect. Although it resembles a risotto, the technique … Read More

Baccalà alla vicentina (Codfish Vicenza-Style)

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Baccalà alla vicentina

Baccalà, or dried salt cod, is a favorite meal around our house, even if it only appears occasionally on the dinner table. One of the most delicious ways to make baccalà has got to be baccalà alla vicentina, or in the style of the northern Italian city of Vicenza, slowly … Read More

How to Make Homemade Polenta

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How to Make Homemade Polenta

Homemade polenta is one of the most emblematic dishes of the northern Italian cuisines from the Veneto to Lombardia to Piemonte. It is also one of the oldest foods eaten in Italy, dating back at least to 990 BCE. In its original form, polenta—known to the ancient Romans as pulmentum—was … Read More

Carpaccio di salmone affumicato (Smoked Salmon Carpaccio)

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Smoked Salmon Carpaccio

Here’s an elegant yet very quick and easy starter that suits just about any menu: Smoked Salmon Carpaccio, thin slices of smoked salmon, dressed simply with oil and lemon. Ingredients Serves 4-6 500g (1 lb) smoked salmon, thinly sliced Freshly squeezed juice of 1/2 lemon A few sprigs of fresh parsley, … Read More