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I spend a lot of time on this blog in wistful remembrances of the delicious fruits and vegetables that I used to enjoy in Italy and, conversely, moaning about the lack of flavor of much of the produce you are likely to find here in the US. But there are … Read More

Pinzimonio (Tuscan Crudités)

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When things are really hectic at work, as they are now, even a hardcore food fanatic like myself doesn’t always feel like cooking. Or perhaps you’ve had a heavy lunch or midday dinner and feel like a light dinner. Or you’re looking for something to serve an easy and convivial … Read More

Caserecce e fagiolini (Pasta and Green Beans)

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Pasta and Green Beans

Weeknight dinners at our house much of the time revolve around pasta and vegetables. They are quick and easy, and the combinations are almost endless. For some reason, however, the combination of Pasta and Green Beans is not a particularly common one in Italian cooking, with the notable exception of … Read More