Maccheroni positanesi

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Maccheroni positanesi

This week we have another great recipe for you from Jeanne Carola Francesconi: maccheroni positanesi, or Pasta Positano Style. In the tradition of no cook tomato sauces like the much better known pasta al pomodoro crudo, in this recipe the pasta is dressed “a sette sapori“—with seven flavors: tomato, garlic, … Read More

Peperoni imbottiti alla napoletana

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Peperoni imbottiti alla napoletana

Although they’re available year round, peppers are indubitably at their best during their traditional summer season. Italian cookery has embraced this New World import with a passion only exceeded perhaps by the tomato. It includes an almost infinite number of recipes for the pepper: fried, pickled, gratinéed, or paired with … Read More

Insalata pantesca

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Insalata pantesca

When temperatures reach astronomical highs as they have done lately, I often turn to salads for sustenance. To me, they’re the ideal hot weather food. Not only do you general serve them chilled or at room temperature, but they’re generally quickly thrown together and don’t involve turning on an oven … Read More

Peperoni sott’aceto (Pickled Peppers)

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Back in the day, this was the time of year for putting up summer produce to be enjoyed during the autumn and winter. Tomatoes would be home canned, either whole or as passata. Fruits like cherries would be preserved in sugar. Eggplant and other summer vegetables would be preserved sott’olio, … Read More

Cremolata di pesche (Peach Cremolata)

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Perhaps due to Italy’s hot summers, Italian cuisine, especially southern Italian cuisine, offers a dazzling variety of frozen desserts. Gelato is probably the most popular type, but then there’s also sorbetto and granita as well. And each type comes in a wide variety of flavors. We’ve covered many of these … Read More