Brandade Pancake

Quick Note: Brandade Pancakes

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The new year brought a rush of activity that had made it hard to keep up with my blogging ‘duties’, but here is quick note on a nice idea for ‘recycling’ leftover brandade: just mix it up with an egg or two, give it a grind or two of black pepper and perhaps a bit of chopped parsley. (There should be no need for salt, as brandade is salty by nature, but taste it and see.) Fry the resulting batter in a bit of olive oil, browning it nicely on both sides.

Served with a green salad and washed down with a crisp white wine, this brandade pancake makes for a quick and tasty lunch or light weekend supper!

Post scriptum

I recently broke down and bought a slow cooker. Never imagined that I would own one—the awful crock pot cookery of the 70’s is still etched in my memory—but after reading some excellent chefs recommend it for, among other things, beans, broth and polenta, I decided to give it a go. Will be experimenting with various recipes and reporting back to you, dear readers, shortly.



  1. Frank

    Thanks, everyone, for all your wonderful comments! And not to worry, my slow cooker experiences will soon be making their appearance on these pages…

    @Jacoba: A special thanks to you for the link! Thank you so much for your readership.

    @Spicie Foodie: So nice to see you here again! Happy New Year to you, too!

    @Tiffany: Yes, baccalà is Italian for bacalhau in Portugese—salt cod in English!

    @Dolci Acque: Tante grazie, sei troppo gentile! Se vuoi puoi anche usare il traduttore automatico che si trova sulla colonna sinistra. Basta premere sulla bandiera tricolore. La traduzione non è perfetta ma si capisce…

  2. Emily Malloy

    This looks divine!

    Per the crock pot: it is surprising the gourmet style things that can be done in a crock pot! I anxiously await your posts!

  3. Drick

    slow cookers are just fine for some things, I use the ones I have (3 – yep, a collection starting from the 70's) for everything to slow cooking beans, meats, even roasting chicken, and for of course, keeping things warm… nothing beats a good ol' dutch oven or stockpot, but on the stove, ya always got to stir or meddle, with a slow cooker, you put it in and forget about it, that's what I like about it… as for as meals that require searing and sauteing first, heck, my thought is why mess up another pot

  4. Claudia

    Couldn't fiind baccala in MN – next time- mail order. The idea of turning it into apancake intrigues. I have a slow cooker because I now live in the Midwest. I never use the slow cooker because I am from the east coast and we never did! Although I do have some polenta slow-cook recipes I want to try.

  5. Spicie Foodie

    Hi Frank, Happy new year and it's nice to have you back. The recipe sounds really good, I will be reading the previous ones to see the complete cycle (so to speak). I'm curious about your slow cooker experience. Looking forward to those recipes as well.

  6. Cakewalker

    Very nice post with a tasty looking pancake and a wine suggestion too! Who doesn't like a well-rounded, but light meal? Bravo!

  7. Christine H.

    What a beautiful pancake. I'm looking forward to your experiments with the slow cooker too. I use mine almost exclusively for lamb shanks, which are perfect for slow cookers. I'd like to use it for other things too, so I will look to you for ideas.

  8. Jacoba

    Just to let you know: I love your website; love your recipes & never miss it when it appears on Facebook. Am linking it to my site now. Thanks so much for this.

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