Pesce al forno con patate e carciofi (Roasted Fish with Potatoes and Artichokes)

Pesce al forno con patate e carciofi (Roasted Fish with Potatoes and Artichokes)

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Pesce al forno con patate e carciofi (Roasted Fish with Potatoes and Artichokes)
Fish and vegetables are a fabulous combination. We’ve already posted about fish and potatoes—a classic–as well as the less well-known fish and fennel. Now that spring is here, let’s take a look at another great pairing: fish and artichokes. Like the other combinations we’ve seen, the method is very simple: braise the vegetables on top of the stove, then layer them around a whole fish (or fillets) and roast in a hot oven until the fish is done. Hard to beat for simplicity or great flavor. And, of course, it’s really good for you. How many times do we have the chance to combine virtue and pleasure?


Serves 4

4 small to medium sized whole fish, cleaned and scaled
8-12 small artichokes
8 small to medium waxy potatoes
1-2 garlic cloves (or shallots), chopped
Salt and pepper
Olive oil


Trim the artichokes (see this post for instructions) one by one, immersing them in acidulated water as you go to prevent them from discoloring. Peel the potatoes and immerse them in water as well.

Pesce al forno con patate e carciofi (Roasted Fish with Potatoes and Artichokes)

Cut the artichokes and potatoes into thin wedges and add them to a wide skillet with a generous pour of olive oil. Season generously with salt and pepper. Toss the artichoke and potato wedges around so they absorb a bit of the olive oil, then add a glassful of water and cover the skillet. Braise the vegetables until they have softened but retain some ‘bite’. Uncover and let any remaining liquid evaporate. Add the chopped garlic (or shallot) and sauté very briefly. Taste and adjust for seasoning—the mixture should be very savory.

In a greased baking dish large enough to hold all your fish, scatter some of the potato and artichoke wedges around the bottom. Season the fish inside and out, then lay them in the dish, covering them with the remaining potato and artichokes wedges. Drizzle everything with some white wine and then a bit more olive oil.

Pesce al forno con patate e carciofi (Roasted Fish with Potatoes and Artichokes)

Place in a pre-heated hot oven (200°C/400°F) (use  convection heat if you have that feature) and roast until the fish is done, about 15-20 minutes, depending on the thickness of the fish. Let the dish cool for a few minutes and serve immediately, right from the baking dish.

Pesce al forno con patate e carciofi (Roasted Fish with Potatoes and Artichokes)



In Italy, the most common fish for this treatment are probably branzino and orata (sea bream), but it works with just about any fish you want to try. Last night I served rainbow trout and it was perfectly delicious.

Little ‘baby’ artichokes, to my mind, work best—and are quite easy to trim as they are tender to begin with—but if you can only find the large ‘globe’ kind, they will work fine so long as you take care to trim them properly so the wedges are entirely edible; larger artichokes can be quite fibrous. As for the potatoes, make sure they are of the firm-fleshed, waxy variety—the ones you would use for potato salad, so they keep their shape and texture after cooking.

The measurements given, by the way, are really only suggestions. You can use more vegetables if you want to ‘stretch’ the (or just like them) or less if you want to focus on the fish, more potatoes vs. artichokes or vice versa, or even just artichokes if you like. Just make sure the veggies are well seasoned—and don’t skimp on the oil, either, as it is essential for getting the right results.

Frank FarielloPesce al forno con patate e carciofi (Roasted Fish with Potatoes and Artichokes)


  1. Mike Cushing

    You just gave a splnedid idea how to include artichokes in my family menu- the doctor advised my husband to eat them more often, he has diabetes for two months now and we are all supportive about the healthy menu that he has to eat in.

  2. Claudia

    I don't combine virtue with pleasure nearly enough. And have never paired fish with artichokes. Must try. I need more virtue in my life.

  3. Simona

    I have never had artichokes and fish: very appealing! And before I forget, I should tell you that shortly after writing my comment on your fennel gratin post, I found globe fennel and made myself a nice gratin :)

  4. drick perry

    this one I really like… too!
    the stages to develop, the flavors and the presentation… a beautiful meal Frank. this will be so good with lake bass and brim

  5. Lori Lynn

    Hi Frank – seems whenever I come here lately, I want to run to my kitchen and cook your dish. This morning I cannot, don't have the ingredients, but I sure would like to. I did the other day though, and made your bean & sauerkraut soup, it was a big hit!

  6. Frank

    Thanks! Funny should say that—for whatever reason I shy away from dishes like this for dinner parties. Not sure why! We love em' at home, though!

  7. Kiri W.

    I love anything with artichokes, and who could resist such beautifully roasted fish? Thank you for sharing!

  8. Pola M

    I wish I could find some artichoke as beautiful as the ones in your picture! This fish looks delicious!

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