Memorie di Angelina has 10,000 subscribers!

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After all my shameless crowing on the first anniversary of Memorie di Angelina, I had promised myself to avoid self-promotional posts in the future. There is nothing more tiresome in my book than immodesty, even if I don’t always live up to my own ideals. But this news was just too good to resist sharing with you, dear reader. We just passed 10,000 subscribers. Such a nice, round number…
A heartfelt welcome to all our new subscribers! A presto!

19 Comments on “Memorie di Angelina has 10,000 subscribers!”

  1. whoo hoo big daddy…. and you know I mean that with all sincerity ‘cause I’m somewhere I think in the lower numbers … Congrats Frank – now I’m holding ya to a 100,000 mark …

  2. What a coincidence, just yesterday I added you to my blogroll, my way of subscribing to those I think are the best! I am so far away from this number…but now it gives me something to shoot for…Congratulations.

  3. CONGRATULATIONS, Frank! That's wonderful. Time to quit your day job. (I, too, used to be a lawyer but now I just cook.)

    Monte di Procida, Italy

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