Ciliegie su ghiaccio (Cherries on Ice)

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Cherries on ice

A quick note on a fine and fun way to enjoy cherries and lots of other summer fruits—su ghiaccio or ‘cherries on ice‘. Fill a bowl a third or half full of ice, place your fruit—however much you’re having—over the ice and add water to come, say, halfway up the fruit. Serve.

Yep, that’s the ‘recipe’! It may seem almost absurdly simple, but slightly chilling fruit in this way subtly changes its character for the better. The chill firms up their texture and brightens their flavor. Summer fruits with a pit, cherries in particular, seem to benefit most from an ice bath. (On the other hand, the treatment does not do much for citrus fruits or bananas.)

One important point: the fruit you are serving this way should be at room temperature when you immerse it in its ice bath. Otherwise, the fruit will simply be cold, not slightly chilled. So if you’re keeping your fruit in the fridge, take it out some 30-60 minutes before you want to serve it.

And make sure you have napkins on hand when enjoying cherries on ice. There is no way around getting your fingers a little wet when fish the fruit out of the ice water!

9 Comments on “Ciliegie su ghiaccio (Cherries on Ice)”

  1. So funny, I do this all the time with my cherries (one of my FAVORITE fruits!). I'm so glad I discovered your blog – your cooking style is very similar to mine – looking forward to seeing more from you!

  2. What a great tip! We always keep our cherries in the fridge , under a cold setting. They taste so much better cold than warm. Will have to try the ice bath next time. Thanks Frank!

  3. Thanks, guys! You know, sometimes simple is best. There's nothing to this but it really does improve the texture and flavor of one of summer's most enjoyable fruits…

  4. It 'is well not to forget their origins. I found surfing the net, your blog and I immediately liked. I also try to keep alive the traditions and the origins of my land, which belongs to a little, you too. I will follow with attention and interest to your blog. A warm greetings from Naples!
    (Excuse my English, but use the translator online)

  5. That is absolutely brilliant! My husband and I LOVE cherries and I just read this post to him – I'm trying this tomorrow! We lived in Sicily and my husband is drooling over the remembered taste….

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