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My cyber-friend Chiara Giglio has done us the honor of featuring Memorie di Angelina today on her lovely blog, La voglia matta. You may remember Chiara from my post on la jota triestina. She hails from Trieste but (I just found out) her father is also from Campania, the region of Italy where Angelina was born. No wonder we’ve become virtual bffs! I’ve been following Chiara for some time now and you’re always sure to find something delicious on her blog, so do check it out.

You can find Chiara’s lovely profile on your humble correspondent  here.

Happy cooking!

12 Comments on “Memorie di Angelina in the News”

  1. As a fellow Triestina I have been following her blog for some time but I refer to your recipes regularly and your meat loaf is known as Franks loaf in our house where it is very popular.

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