Straccetti di manzo con la rughetta (Beef ‘Rags’ with Arugula)

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One of the most iconic dishes of Roman cookery, straccetti con la rughetta, or ‘little rags’ of beef with arugula, is also one of the simplest of all to prepare. The technique is quite close to an Asian stir-fry and, like a stir-fry, it takes literally only seconds to prepare. … Read More

Mezzelune al brasato (Half-moon Ravioli Stuffed with Braised Beef)

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Mezzeluna al brasato

Here’s a wonderful way to ‘recycle’ leftover brasato or other pot roast—as a filling for a half-moon shaped stuffed pasta called mezzelune: Ingredients Leftover brasato  (pot roast) 1-2 eggs 100g (3-1/2 oz) freshly grated Parmesan cheese Salt and pepper A scrape of nutmeg One batch of fresh egg pasta, or dumpling … Read More

Brasato al vino rosso (Beef Braised in Red Wine)

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Brasato al vino rosso

There’s nothing like a good pot roast on a cold winter’s day! Though it may come as a surprise to some, Italians also make pot roast, which is known variously as brasato or stracotto, but with a ‘continental’ twist: the favorite cooking medium for Italian pot roast is red wine. … Read More

Lesso di manzo rifatto (“Re-made” Boiled Beef)

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Waste not, want not, they old saying goes. There are a myriad of old recipes in the Italian repertoire for making use of boiled beef leftover from beef broth, a brodo classico or a bollito misto. Of course, boiled beef can simply be gently reheated in its broth and served … Read More

Coda alla vaccinara (Roman-Style Braised Oxtails)

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This is comfort food at its most comforting, one of the many humble but delicious dishes that typify popular cooking in the Eternal City: Roman-style braised oxtails. The  Italian word vaccinara actually means “butcher style”. The tail is one of those cuts of meat that are known in Italian as … Read More