Risotto al radicchio e Saint-André

Risotto al radicchio e Saint-André (Risotto with Radicchio and Saint-André Cheese)

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Here is a risotto that should prove that vegetarian dishes can be perfectly satisfying, even indulgent: a risotto made with vegetable broth, and flavored with a wonderful combination of bitter radicchio with the creamy savor of Saint-André cheese.

You proceed as for any risotto, beginning with a soffritto of chopped onion or, better yet, shallot sweated in butter (or butter and oil). Then add finely chopped radicchio (about ½ a head per person) and allow it to wilt and absorb the flavor of the onion and butter. Raise the heat, add your rice and allow it to lightly ‘toast’ until it becomes opaque (remember, the rice should not actually brown at all) then add a splash of dry white wine. When the wine has evaporated, proceed as usual, adding a ladleful of vegetarian broth at a time, until rice is almost cooked al dente. Just before the rice is done, add a good chunk of Saint-André cheese, together with a handful of grated parmesan cheese and, if you like, just a spoonful or so of cream. Mix vigorously until the cheese has entirely melted and amalgamated with the rice. Serve immediately.

NOTES: You could use, of course, a meat-based broth with this risotto, but this is actually one case where, in my book, vegetarian broth actually produces a superior result. With the richness of the added cheese, a meat based broth would produce a ‘heavy’ result—not that this dish will ever be light.

For tips on making risotto, including technique and choosing the right type of rice, see the post on the ABCs of Making Risotto.

Post-scriptum: Regular readers will have noticed fewer posts than usual lately on this blog. Unfortunately, yours truly has been ‘under the weather’ for the past few days. In the next couple of weeks, I will be traveling, so we will be experiencing a short break here at Memorie di Angelina, but we’ll be back just in time for the beginning of Spring, and a whole new gamut of lighter, brighter dishes for the new season!

Frank FarielloRisotto al radicchio e Saint-André (Risotto with Radicchio and Saint-André Cheese)


  1. Morella

    Also a good way to prepare them is in oven roasted, whish is also done in Rome. The best artickohe are the ones called carciofo di cima a bit more expensive but more flavoursome in my opnion anyway.

  2. lostpastremembered

    I always make it with chicken stock… but it is one of my favorite risottos… the bitter and the sweet and the rich just hit all the flavor centers! Will try vegetable. Have a great trip!

  3. Velva

    The risotto looks fabulous. You are absolutely right that you can indulge and be completely satisfied with a vegetarian dish. Love it.

  4. Frank

    Thanks, folks! Feeling better and heading off for a few days–on business, unfortunately, but should have some time to spare for pleasure, including of culinary sort, in Paris…

  5. Drick

    so creamy and delicious looking .. get to feeling better for your trip, hope it's for pleasure

  6. Ruth

    Great flavours! I think I would definetely use the vegetable stock! Sounds yummy! Hope you feel better soon and that you enjoy your journey across the world!

  7. Dianeuk

    Hope you are feeling better there is a lot illness going around at the moment what with all the cold weather here in the UK. Enjoy your trip and I look forward to more lovely recipes…..

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