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Dear readers,

Just a quick word to let you know that Memorie di Angelina now has well over 2000 followers via email, readers and various social networks, up from 1500 only about a month ago. I wanted to express my sincerest thanks for your readership. It’s what makes the time and effort worthwhile! Angelina is no doubt smiling down at all of you!


7 Comments on “A Word of Thanks”

  1. I, too, just found your blog – this morning, as a matter of fact, while researching how an Italian would refer, in general, to tomato sauce. My Italian colleague suggested “il sugo”/”con il sugo”. I googled around for a while, and – well, here I am. You deserve to see your numbers go up, this is a wonderful blog!

  2. Just found your blog, how fun since I am living in Italy right now, soaking up all the culinary goodies and traditions! I look forward to reading more and picking up on the nuances of Italian cooking (and terms!). Now I just need to learn the language…

  3. I had eaten the adulterated version of Italian food, but some how, the taste never matched what I'd read about Italian food. Also found it difficult to get vegetarian food (I'm a vegetarian). After I discovered your blog, I cook Italian food at home. Though I find it difficult to get the cheese & some of the vegetables you mention here in Bengaluru (India), I substitute it with the nearest country cousin. Thanks Frank! Thanks Angelina!

  4. Your attention to detail is amazing, and has helped me to see Italian food a different way.

    I often try the recipes here, and my family have enjoyed them all.

    Thank you!

  5. Yes, I relate to your blog. I've only been to Italy twice but loved every morsel of food when I was there. Also my mother's side is of Sicillian heritage and I feel as if the pictures, stories, and recipes speak to me on a personal level.

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