Milanese con insalata di pomodoro (Milanese Veal Chop with Tomato Salad)

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Veal Chop with Tomato Salad

I once knew a charming couple from Milan named Omer and Maria Grazia. My memory of them is a bit hazy by now—sadly, we lost contact and it’s been years since I’ve seen them—but two food-related memories still stick out in my mind. The first was the time I made … Read More

Panzanella (Tuscan Bread Salad)

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Panzanella, a Tuscan bread salad, is a great way to use old bread and avoid cooking in hot weather at the same time. And it is so simple to make, too. Ingredients Day old bread (see Notes) Fresh, ripe tomatoes, chopped Red onion, peeled and sliced A few fresh basil … Read More

Insalata di riso con tonno (Italian Tuna Rice Salad)

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Italian Tuna Rice Salad

Mid-August, when the temperatures climb to tropical heights, is a time when even the enthusiasm of even the most avid cook can begin to wane. Italians often turn to easily prepared dishes that need minimal or no actually cooking. Salads are an obvious choice, and rice salads are a favorite. … Read More

Pico de gallo

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Pico de gallo

I guess it’s Mexico week here at Memorie di Angelina and why not? If you think of it, some of the foods that most typify Italian cooking—tomato, zucchini, peppers, pepperoncino, corn for polenta, just to take a few examples—all come from the New World and more specifically from Mexico. (Potatoes, … Read More

Insalata di sardine e ceci (Sardine and Chickpea Salad)

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Sardine and Chickpea Salad

One of the most delicious and satisfying antipasti in the Italian repertoire is also one of the simplest: fagioli e tonno, or Bean and Tuna Salad. Well, the other day I was rummaging through my pantry, not really feeling like cooking—yes, it happens even to me sometimes—and found a can … Read More

Mock «puntarelle» alla romana

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One of the dishes I miss most from my Roman days is the winter salad known as puntarelle,  a kind of chicory native to the countryside around Rome. In fact, the vegetable is sometimes called “Roman chicory” in English. The shoots are rather thick but tender, white at the base and green … Read More

Quick Note: Salade frisée à l’anchoiade

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One of my favorite cold weather salads back in Rome were puntarelle, a kind of chicory typically dressed with a kind of garlic and anchovy vinaigrette. Fond memories…! This salad is a more refined French cousin, fit for elegant dinners but rustic enough for an everyday dinner. It makes a … Read More

Salade frisée aux lardons (Frisée Salad with Bacon)

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This rustic salad was one of my favorite starters when I lived in Paris. It is sheer simplicity to make: just brown some lardons slowly in a bit of oil (I like olive oil) until they have rendered their fat and are lightly crisp. While the lardons are browning, rub … Read More