Welcome to our new home!

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Dear readers, Welcome to Memorie di Angelina’s new home! I think you’ll be as excited as I am about this new site. The template is truly beautiful, clean yet lively. I think you’ll find it easier to navigate, faster to load and a lot of fun to use. Widgets are back, … Read More

Angelina’s New Digs

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Gentle reader, It’s been a while. As mentioned in the last post, your correspondent has moved kitchens (and other rooms as well) from the city to the suburbs. The change has been exhilarating but exhausting as well. Between packing and unpacking, renovating and repairing and generally re-ordering our lives, it’s … Read More

Happy Birthday, Memorie di Angelina!

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Folks, we’ve reached another milestone. Hard to believe it’s been two whole years since we began this humble tribute to the fine home cooking of nonna Angelina. But it’s true… And so it’s fitting to take a moment, once again, to thank all our readers for your kind readership. I … Read More

Another Milestone for Memorie di Angelina

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Folks, we’ve hit another major milestone. There’s been a surge of interest in the blog in the past few weeks, and we now have over 23,000 followers through the various readers and social media! That’s more than double the number we had just a few months ago. It all happened … Read More

Rouxbe Online Cooking School

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Rouxbe Online Cooking School

Dear readers, Recipes are great things, but without the right cooking skills you won’t get the most out of even the best recipes. That’s why I try to spend time in the posts here on Memorie di Angelina describing technique to you in some considerable detail—to try to recreate for … Read More

Memorie di Angelina has 10,000 subscribers!

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After all my shameless crowing on the first anniversary of Memorie di Angelina, I had promised myself to avoid self-promotional posts in the future. There is nothing more tiresome in my book than immodesty, even if I don’t always live up to my own ideals. But this news was just … Read More

Happy Birthday, Memorie di Angelina!

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Hard to believe, but it’s been one whole year since I started this blog with a short welcome message and a promise to fill it with my favorite recipes. Well, I’d like to think that I’ve made good on that promise with the nearly 200 recipes I’ve posted since then. … Read More

Thanks again!

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Only a month ago I was crowing about reaching the milestone of 4000 subscribers. Well, it’s hard to believe, but that figure has grown to nearly 7500! Another 5100 or so are regular readers of these posts on our affiliated Gnocchi ai funghi Recipe Exchange Club. A heartfelt welcome to … Read More