Ananas alla sambuca (Pineapple Laced with Sambuca)

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Ananas alla sambuca

Here’s a really quick note on a combination that may surprise you but was simply meant to be: ananas alla sambuca, or pineapple and the Italian anise liquor called sambuca. Sprinkle a few drops of sambuca over freshly sliced pineapple, just enough to exalt the flavor of the fruit without drawing attention to itself, and you’ll be in for a treat…incredibly intense pineapple flavor with a subtle retrogusto (aftertaste) that I bet most of your guests will not even be able to identify.

I’ll guarantee it’ll be some of the most delicious pineapple you’ve ever tasted!

15 Comments on “Ananas alla sambuca (Pineapple Laced with Sambuca)”

  1. The pineapples look so golden and refreshing 😀
    Awesome post!
    And I love your blog – the pictures and recipes look so authentic 🙂
    I can feel like I am in Italy in my kitchen – thanks!

    Choc Chip Uru
    Latest: Choc Chunk Muffins + Suprise Choc Cookies

  2. Just found this site and think it's great. I read the Columbus Day post and it reminded me of my childhood. I am trying to keep up the Sunday tradition. It's working so far. My children are grown and come to Nonna's with the grandchildren for Sunday macaroni and all the fixings. Any way do you know how to spell the dialect word for the rolled pig skin that goes in the gravy? I thinks it's gudiga or cudica, my father thinks it's gudina or cudina.

  3. Thanks so much, friends! Do try this combination, like I said, I guarantee you'll love it.

    @The Mom Chef: The funny thing is, you hardly taste the anise. It 'melds' into the pineapple so perfectly that you are really just left with intense pineapple flavor… But then, you'll have a bottle of sambuca on your hands, lol!

    @Drick: Sambuca does have a similar taste to Absinthe, only it is quite thick and sweet. A bit cloying on its own (though I've been known to drink it that way!) It's great in espresso (instead of sugar) or, as here, on top of fruit.

  4. I MUST try this. I love putting things out like this and surprising everyone by revealing the delicious little secret that no one really ever thinks of. Thanks so much.

  5. have never had sambuca but if it is like the old absinthe, this is one crazy treat…. what a delightful combination Frank…

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