Fagioli e tonno (White Bean and Tuna Salad)

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Fagioli e tonno (White Bean and Tuna Salad)

Fagioli e tonno, or White Bean and Tuna Salad, is just about as quick and simple a dish as you can make. If you can open a can, you can make this salad. And it’s easy to double or treble the recipe if you’re expecting more dinner guests, or you … Read More

Frittata di zucchine al forno (Baked Frittata with Zucchini)

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Baked Frittata with Zucchini

Baked frittata is an awesomely easy alternative to the traditional fried frittata. There’s no need for any tricky flipping of pans or worrying if your eggs are getting burnt on the bottom while they’re still runny in the middle. The oven’s even, multidirectional heat avoids those pitfalls. You can bake your … Read More

Insalata russa (Russian Salad Italian Style)

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Russian Salad Italian Style

Russian Salad, known in Russian as Салат Оливье or Salad Olivier, was once a common feature on festive tables all over the world. Russian salad Italian style  is distinguished by the use of Italian-style mayonnaise made with fruity olive oil. This venerable dish seems to have gone out of fashion, perhaps … Read More

Insalata di riso con würstel (Italian Rice Salad)

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Italian Rice Salad

Insalata di riso, or rice salad, is another staple of Italian summertime cooking. It’s quick and very easy to make, it can be made ahead—in fact, it only gets better after a day in the fridge—and it’s light on the stomach. And it lends itself to variations limited only to … Read More

How to Make a Frittata

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How to Make a Frittata

One of the wonders of Italian cuisine is its incredible variety, and much of that variety comes from the mix-and-match nature of so many of its dishes. You take a staple base ingredient like rice or pasta, and you pair that with all sorts of flavoring ingredients and come up … Read More

Zeppole con le alici (Zeppole with Anchovies)

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Zeppole with Anchovies

Zeppole are so easy to make—after all, they are basically just fried pizza dough balls—it is almost embarrassing to post about it, but since it was one of my favorite snack foods that Angelina made, it deserves pride of place on this blog. And, in any event, who doesn’t like … Read More

Parmigiana di melanzane (Eggplant Parmesan)

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Eggplant Parmesan

Being a lover of good food, I find it almost impossible to answer the question ‘what’s your favorite dish?’ But if I had to, my answer would probably be Eggplant Parmesan—parmigiana di melanzane in Italian—the way Angelina used to make it. This is a simple dish to make, but it … Read More

Insalata di riso con tonno (Italian Tuna Rice Salad)

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Italian Tuna Rice Salad

Mid-August, when the temperatures climb to tropical heights, is a time when even the enthusiasm of even the most avid cook can begin to wane. Italians often turn to easily prepared dishes that need minimal or no actually cooking. Salads are an obvious choice, and rice salads are a favorite. … Read More